Demiurgon – The Oblivious Lure

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Band: Demiurgon
Title: The Oblivious Lure
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Release date: July 8, 2019
Country: Italy
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

Buckle the hell up because DEMIURGON are about to rip you out of your damn seat and blast you into oblivion. Walking the line between brutal and technical death metal, these Italian metalheads are quick to deliver crushingly quick and thick riffs amongst the wicked shreddage and obliterating drums. The band’s latest release, “The Oblivious Lure” has been out since July 8 and marks the next chapter in the band’s evolution. While everything follows a similar tangent from their older material, DEMIURGON has a few new tricks up their sleeves this time around with an end result that feels more polished and devastating than ever.

The album explodes with a tsunami of carnage as the opening track “Tsanasa” floods the senses with brutality. Quite literally a wall of death. The next several songs “Kapalikas”, “…Déi Dimenticati”, “Il Culto Cannibale”, continue the trend of thick shredding guitars and well executed drumming. Things really don’t slow down much on this album, but we get out first pause with a spoken word Italian prophecy before descending into insanity once again on “Profezia Di Una Specie Morente”. It comes as no surprise that the vocals on this album are equally as brutal as the instrumentals; DEMIURGON hold nothing back.

The title track, “The Oblivious Lure” followed up by “Teatro Del Coito”, have a much more old school vibe than the earlier songs on the album. Both utilize a slightly slower tempo to start before finishing with a complete evisceration of hard hitting riffs. DEMIURGON end things with “The Day The Dawn Came Twice” which starts with a tranquil ocean setting and a dirty bass riff before descending back into the death metal depths. Tracking in at almost exactly 40 minutes, every song across the album has its own unique feel and is full of wicked intricacies, leaving very little room for filler.

DEMIURGON have relentless explosive power similar to bands like Origin and Devourment, and they never miss an opportunity to fully deliver on interesting riff progressions and melodies of a more technical nature, more akin to bands like Nile, and Hour of Penance. While it’s hard to pick a favourite song off such a tremendous album, a few moments that stood out were the incredibly groovy yet brutal bridge near the end of “Kapalikas”, which gave the beginning of the album an insidious tone, like an oncoming storm. Also the old school guitar licks into the tempo changes on “Il Culto Cannibale” and “The Oblivious Lure” will put a smile on any self respecting metalheads face.

Although it will take some time for the whiplash to heal, I was thoroughly satisfied with every song throughout “The Oblivious Lure”. Aside from the amazing production on the album, some of the tracks feel like they were brought from an older era of death metal. DEMIURGON shine in melding this old school vibe with modern brutality, technicality, and enough groove to keep your head banging the entire time. Every song hits hard as hell but none of the kick ass instrumental intricacies are lost in the madness, which will open the doors for wide reception from a spectrum of metalheads. DEMIURGON really hit their stride on this album, producing some truly brutal yet highly complex death metal. Give them a listen and share them around if you like what you hear! Don’t forget to buckle up! 9.5/10 Metal Yeti


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9.5/10: Epic Storm!
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