BAZ Friday XXIV – Underground Reco For Underground Maniacs

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Here we are again for another #BlackFriday and for the first time with the #BAZFriday name. These last days I didn’t had to much time for listening to music, arghhhh… But I still have some reco for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Pathetic (Canada) – Rat King
Filthy Old School Death Metal like I love. Very good.


Torture Ascendancy 1307 (USA) – D.E.M.O.S
Old School Death Metal with some Brutal Death Metal influences. Interesting.


Ecliptic Vision (USA) – Ecliptic Vision
Death Metal with some modern/groove touches. 


Kapala (India) – Termination Apex – Dunkelheit Produktionen
After the EP from 2017, Kapala is back with another EP. This is raw Black Death Metal. Listen to them.


Spopielony (Poland) – Legendy – Funeral Trance
Moving in the world of the Ambient music with some Dungeon Synth touches. Very relaxing and very good.


Hope you enjoy the recos. Don’t forget to support the bands.

Till next #BAZFriday
Stay metal.

The Key Keeper

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