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This week I decided to pick randomly some promos instead of picking them by label or music style, and the following 4 small reviews, or should I say introductions/recommendations are the ones you will read (I hope so) and listen to (I also hope so), eheh. Till next week…
The Key Keeper

Band: Fetor / Crepitation
Title: Onset of Horrendosity
Label: Deformeathing Production
Release Date: 25 January 2019
Country: Poland / U.K.
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo


I always loved splits, don’t ask me why ’cause I don’t really know. Maybe it’s because you can listen to 2 or 3 bands in the same release. Maybe… So what have we here? Well for the cover and the logos I think that everyone already knows what to expect. FETOR are from Poland, and they play Brutal Death Metal with some Slam Metal. Sadly… They only put 2 songs on this split, and 1 is a live song… CREPITATION are from U.K. and they play Brutal Death Metal with some frenetic Grind touches. Not bad. Only 3 songs here with almost 6 minutes. So final words… There are two editions of this release. One is in Splatter 7″, but releasing a CD with only 5 songs with 12m, 33s?? The question is on the air…

Band (Fetor)
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Band (Crepitation)
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Band: Gosudar
Title: Demo
Label: Rotted Life Records
Release Date: 08 February 2019
Country: Russia
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo


Originally released in November last year in digital format, this demo sees the light in physical format via Rotted Life Records in tape format. The demo only has 2 songs but on my promo, I got a small video intro. GOSUDAR plays Old School Death Metal (not HM-2 style). They play a rotten Death Metal that sometimes touches on Doom Metal, with a strong voice that fits very well on the well done music by this Russian band. Sadly, this demo only has 2 songs – I know it’s a demo but I want more. Listen to them.


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Band: Il Vuoto
Title: Vastness
Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Release Date: 12 February 2019
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo


“Vastness” is the second album from the Italian Funeral Doom band IL VUOTO. The name is completely unknown but Matteo Gruppi, the person behind IL VUOTO, has another band named CHIRAL and this one I already heard in the past. So I was curious concerning this release. And… What a masterpiece. Really, this is very very very very good. The atmosphere around the album, the vocals (they can be whispered, strong or clean), the acoustic parts, the construction of the songs, the weight of the songs… Everything sounds amazing to me. “Vastness” is a very well created/achieved album. I give my congratulations to the band. Very good. Listen, it’s really worth it.


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Band: Kaamos Warriors
Title: Vastness
Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: 15 February 2019
Country: Finland
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo


KAAMOS WARRIORS… It’s different. I mean, compared to the music that I normally listen to. The band doesn’t have a defined music style, at least in my opinion. You can hear numerous different styles. It is very easy to pick up some typical Death Metal riffs here and there, some Black Metal riffs here and there, some Doom/Gothic riffs here and there, some keys here and there, but it’s not possible to say “They play this…”, so the better definition for them, IMO is… They play METAL, or they play and are Darkness Metal (playing with the name of the band). It’s different as I said but sounds good, they managed to create a dark atmosphere with some melancholy in the air and the mix of it, plus the influences from several music styles made me like this album. If you want to listen to something that is not related to some music style but to all and with quality, give them a chance.



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The Key Keeper

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