Chainbreaker – Lethal Desire

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Band: Chainbreaker
Title: Lethal Desire
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Release Date: 15th February 2019
Country: Canada
Format Reviewed: Digital Promo

When listening to the catchy, immediate and explosive tracks on “Lethal Desire” one can clearly hear where CHAINBREAKER gained their influences from in the forms of Canadian thrash masters RAZOR, SACRIFICE and SLAUGHTER! The band began forming their brand of speed and thrash metal in Toronto around 2013 and features current and former members of CAULDRON, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and RAMMER. With 12 tracks crammed into about 35 minutes you get an unrelenting good time which is a point well taken. With its furiously intense and modern sounding debut release “Lethal Desire” is instantly captivating for the listener as it captures old school aggression and brutality married with current production values and the abundance of influences they’ve clearly drawn from. The result is a superb collection of hellraisers and headbangers sure to keep your pulse on maximum overdrive.

So fasten your seatbelts as “Lethal Desire” brings a ton of variation delivered in a simple yet punishing manner throughout the album. Definitely high octane fueled with perfect gruesome and at times piercing vocals which add to the pummeling musicianship drawing, as mentioned, from many influences and styles. Atomica” kicking things off with its thrash-infused roots and stellar axe work, a killer track to open the album. This pattern continues on several of the tracks such as the anthemic “Hellbound”, the chaotic assault of “March of the Dead”, the awesome guitar solos from “Leatherized” and the dark intensity of “Chainbreaker”. Tracks like “Born Loud” and “Constant Graving” are examples of the diversity of sub-genres blurred together that this album possesses, with its gauntlet of styles and tones throughout. Both “Lethal Desire” and Postmortem Dreams” are steeped in doom-driven riffs and grizzly vocals enveloped around their strong thrash underpinnings. In fact there isn’t a single track on here unworthy of your time and attention. CHAINBREAKER could really take things in several directions from here as their variable sound could just about morph into any style.

So there’s really no need to expect some new revelation from every new band or release the underground metal scene offers up to gain some type of acceptance or notoriety. Sometimes you have to just admire a strong fucking album for what it truly is and that logic is what’s been applied here with CHAINBREAKER’s “Lethal Desire”; as it’s simply an insanely good debut release from a band that requires your consideration! Highly recommended for fans of the 80’s Canadian thrash scene, MOTÖRHEAD and some of the more modern day comparable bands such as MIDNIGHT, WHIPSTRIKER and even DIABOLIC FORCE

Keeping watchful eyes and ears on this one…8.5/10 


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8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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