Lucifericon – Al-Khem-Me

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Band: Lucifericon
Title: Al-Khem-Me
Label: Invictus Productions
Release date: 5 October 2018
Country: Netherlands
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

After two Ep releases, Lucifericon now present us with a new full-length release called Al-Khem-Me. Even though this Netherlands band is considered death metal, this release has a very blackened overtone musically and some what vocally as well. For example, the opening track Inside the Serpent’s I begins like one would almost expect a black metal type song to start. This took me by surprise as I did not expect this but with listening further, it actually kind of reminds me a bit of an Angelcorpse kind of sound they are known for but with darker elements through out. With elaborating further, I feel that death metal is not the only genre present here. Even though we are in a time where combinations of styles have become more apparent in metal, there are some things that do work out for the better than others. This is one of those things that certainly compliments itself very well.

We have melodies, great riffing of both death & black metal elements, solos of fine precision that are not over done either and yet there’s an old school feel to all of it. The other side to this release is that there are some faster parts in the brutal sense but it is also done sparingly. Lucifericon is not just about total brutality in this release but also offer a lot of mid-paced songs and with slower parts as well bringing out their heavy side. Overall, Al-Khem-Me tends to bring different things together that make a unique and solid package all in one. Every song tends to drawn the listener in which to me, makes great song writing! Honestly, this is not only a new discovery for me as a band and album but a quality release that should not go unnoticed! 9.5/10 Eldritch of Death




9.5/10 Epic Storm
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