Sorcier Des Glaces – Sorcier Des Glaces

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Band: Sorcier Des Glaces
Title: Sorcier Des Glaces
Label: Independent
Release date: 15 September 2018
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: FLAC

Sorcier Des Glaces just released their brand new 7th full length album, another Cold Primitive Metal opus,  but it is also surprising, amazing and a mandatory one to listen to. I am sure that the Canadian duo (founded 1997) is known by the die-hard BM fanbase. Now Sorcier Des Glaces – howling, guitars, bass and compositions, and Luc Gaulin – drums and percussions, created a record described as a concept album based on the origin of the rebellious spirit of Sorcier des Glaces.  This self-titled album has total running time of 50 minutes and contains only… one track, simply called Soricer Des Glaces. It is getting kind of trendy to have similar approach to the recording of an album and many bands dare to explore it. Few achieve to have long enough composition without really getting themselves lost in it and loosing the listener. The fact is that Sorcier Des Glaces overachieve everything which has been done so far on this path. As everything is in the balance on this world, Sorcier Des Glaces have just found the perfect balance to arrange, manage and execute all the pieces of this one track into one epic moment of time.

Some will say having a 50 minutes black metal track is too long and they could be bored of, but I will say again that this track contains of thousands multiple pieces, scenes, elements, ordered superbly and creating uniqe atmosphere and experience during the entire play-through. These 50 minutes just run imperceptibly. Gorgeous cold atmospheric black metal, ambient parts, clear guitars, prevailing mid tempo and grand diversity. Of course the blasts, the crescendos and typical riffs are here along with the grim vocals, which suddenly may turn into chants whispering old secret… All this but not only. There is much more behind the freezing cold – a hidden flame. The whole thing is like a long glorious journey, a magnificent landscape, while standing and gazing the winter sunset over the snowy mountain tops. Those majestic (Northern) mountains landscapes and eternal silent trees…

Why do I highly recommend the album, besides being probably the band’s best release up to date? Just go listen to “SDG” and drown into this superb atmosphere of winter solitude and cold sunsets. Places where only music could transcend. I really find much coziness into such experiences, feeling the time, the sorrow and pieces of transient life. Among the finest Black Metal albums of 2018. 8.5/10 Count Vlad


8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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