Cauldron – New Gods

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Band: Cauldron
Title: New Gods
Label: The End records
Release Date: 7 Septemeber 2018
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: Digital mp3

Over the past 4 years I have always had a very soft spot for Cauldron. This continues, as the band is among the leaders in that flow of new bands fighting for the revival of the Traditional Heavy Metal. With their music, attire and attitude. Their previous four albums brought big hopes to those fans of the heavy metal music, who really enjoy new stuff and can just for a second get out of the box and traditionalism…

Moreover, there is some simple magic in Cauldron’s music, which has always left me hungry to listen to more. The songs are so within the straight streamline, so gorgeously simple, that just touch you heavily or pulls you away. That riffs and mid-tempo (sometimes even seems it’s slowlier on purpose; without any hurry, just fooling around), with very enjoyable melodies and easy to sing along refrains as some kind of chants. It’s like “1-2-3 Go!” and that’s it!

To be honest I anticipated impatiently the new album and didn’t expected any sharp changes in the direction of the Canadian trio. The sound now is slightly more polished, not that rawer as before. Maybe the only thing which surprised me was the cover art of the album and I still don’t know what the hell is this thing.

“New Gods” is 41 minutes very good heavy metal album with that nostalgia taste I’ve always mentioned here in my reviews about the bands which want to relive and bring back the great moments from the past. It is among the records that we should be thankful to exist in 2018 in order to preserve the sanctity of our music.

I found “New Gods” very much in the flow of “In Ruin”, but below it as compositions and overall strength. All the nine tracks are very enjoyable, touchy, carrying the spirit of careless summer emotions and freedom. By the way, the album is also very good for travel or driving. As above stated, it is abundant of the much pleasant HM riffs by very talented Ian, and what is missing from the book of the Benchmarks are those crossing guitar solos galloping through the songs. Something which actually Cauldron never had, but short sharp solos instead but still within the template. The voice of Jason just sings along melodic memorable refrains. Songs like “No Longer”, half of “Save the Truth-Syracuse” (Syracuse is uselessly long), “Drown” and “Prisoner of the Past” are shaping the excellence of the album 

Now, all that said some of the tracks could have been slightly shorter or just a bit more diverse. At certain point the album enters into very similar pattern. I wished “Letting Go” “Never be found”, “Together as None” to have had a bit more variety, as well as the overall speed of the record to have been higher.

To wrap it up, “New Gods” is definitely a record to listen to. It could be among the most solid ones in 2018 for some of us. After that, just go and listen all the albums back at once. Simply because Cauldron do deserve high praise for what they are doing for our music. It is METAL! 8/10 Count Vlad

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Official Website

8/10 To Greatness and Glory
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