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SLAYER: the band that every metal fan is familiar with. Slayer – the American thrash metal icons – formed in Huntington Park, California … somewhere south of heaven, where in 1981 all the of the quadrants formed a full circle: Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo and Tom Araya. Slayer. 12 studio albums, 2 live albums, 2 extended plays and a cover album, controversy, legacy, disagreements, lineup changes, world domination, death … Slayer has embarked on their farewell tour of the world. Forever we shall remember Hanneman and King’s dual chaotic guitar solos exchanges, Lombardo’s relentless double bass drum assault and Araya’s commanding presence! A legacy that is here for posterity: Slayer – the most influential band in extreme metal, unapologetically pushing the boundaries of thrash metal, consolidating the development of death and black metal.

At this time of valediction I’ve decided to put together a tribute playlist composed of thirteen covers performed by underground, extreme metal acts of the past 25 years, vividly influenced by Slayer, that I’d be happy to share with you … The Unholy Dozen:

1. Necrophobic – Die By The Sword
2. Seance – Post Mortem
3. Carnifex – Angel Of Death
4. Crown Of Thorns – Mandatory Suicide
5. Vader – Raining Blood
6. Battlecross – War Ensemble
7. Dark Funeral – Dead Skin Mask
8. Revocation – Altar Of Sacrifice
9. Malevolent Creation – Piece By Piece
10. Disaffected – Seasons In The Abyss
11. Hypocrisy – Black Magic
12. Cemetery – South Of Heaven
13. Cephalic Carnage – Jesus Saves

Listen to The Unholy Dozen here:

Spotify playlist link
YouTube playlist link

Compilation and words by UHF.

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Used by permission. © 2018 by Emil Chiru / UHF