Allfather – And All Will Be Desolation

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Band: Allfather
Title: And All Will Be Desolation
Label: Rotting Throne Records
Release Date: 7 September 2018
Country:  United Kingdom
Format Reviewed: High Quality Digital Promo

In times when the Southern spirit is multiplied in so many different faces, subgenres, mixtures and potions; in times of so many types of NOLA dull copycats; in times when Philip Anselmo is experimenting in various fields just not to be forgotten, Eyehategod is in doubt, Machine Head are going pop, Hellyeah are no more, Mastodon are exploring new planets and Killer Be Killed are maybe active in their imagination; in times when Soulfly are…let’s say weak mediocre band and Max is looking like old fat skunks (saw them live just a month ago!); in times when Iron Monkey disappointed with their latest etc…In times when Crowbar are still the heaviest band on the Planet, Electric Wizard are in good shape, Corrosion Of Conformity are back with ultra good album, Sleep are also back with huge record, Black Label Society are crushing it, and we are waiting for the new Alice in Chains…then it is a real challenge being from Rochester UK to go out there, stand up cocky and shout out loud to the ungrateful world your name.

And the Brits of Allfather are not shy! They are just doing this in that hooligan way, going to the party and taking it over with style! Their second full length album “And All Will Be Desolation” is here and comes with 7 heavy, punching tracks with clear attitude and straight point. Very solid riffs, compositions spitting hate and anger. Groovy, but without that lazy southern spirit. Just straightforward and determined, with big soul in the lead parts. Sludgy at times, but without drowning the deepest mud. Doomy, but not slow.

The great thing about the album is the raging diversity of the tracks. Still keeping the best of the style, Sabbath-tique at moments, with NOLA breathing, Allfather are doing it in their own way. Intensive and roaring. The opener “Black Triangle” just paves the path to what is about to follow, but for me personally “Lord Betrayer”(!), “Citadels”, the 10-minutes “Lampedusa” and “Inherit the dust” are the main drivers this album to be that enjoyable and captivating. And heavy!

My recommendation? Do find and listen to this album. Allfather are stronger than ever, carrying enormous potential and power. “And All Will Be A Desolation” is super fresh breath in the World’s swamp, and it’s ready to crush your dull day! Very English. Definitely invite them to your party!

Allfather: Beards. Metal. Fuck you! And all will be desolation. 8.5/10 Count Vlad


8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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