Ende – Goétie Funeste

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Band: Ende
Title: Goétie Funeste
Country: France
Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Release date: 10. March. 2018
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Ende is a French band that has existed since 2012 releasing four albums, a split with the Canadians Sorcier Des Glaces and a demo. They have been affiliated with the German label Obscure Abhorrence Productions, a label that I have followed almost since the beginning and that has always shown me bands of great quality. Ende is one more of them …

Ende is a project of two minds and they do a very good Black Metal.

I. Luciferia who does Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (Reverence, ex-Pagan Eternal, Leben ohne Licht Kollektiv, ex-Osculum Infame, former Animus Herilis, ex-Mord) and Thomas Njodr who is in charge of the Dawn, The Veil, Reverence (live), former Soundcrafters, ex-Miseducation of Masses).

These two people who are behind the band Ende have managed to make a Black Metal from the beginning of the band, very strong, cohesive and almost unique.

This album can be said to be a continuation of the previous album “Emën Etan” with its quality. It is a continuation of the Black Metal mix of the 90s and with the current Black Metal. Yes, they do remember the good and primordial Black Metal but with a current sound.

They can do it very well. They can keep the sound cool and crisp (still good) while giving a little melody in their songs, giving and creating an atmosphere around the songs, reminiscing a lot but at the same time nothing.

Strange to say this but it’s true. They can be unique, but the influences are there.
For example in the song “Blakolla” at minute 2.11, in the song “Ars Goetia” at minute 3.45 ?? Could it be a riff of Setherial or Dark Funeral or the beginning of the song “Seventh Gate of the Seventh Sin” that reminds me of the band Satyricon or even in the middle of it that reminds me of the band Marduk? And chants that appear in this song? They look great and they are very well performed.

“Goétie Funeste” is a current album of Black Metal that remembers the past but not the typical and already a bit saturating copy paste format. For those who do not know the band here is a good opportunity to do it and even listen a little (click on the box below). For those who know and have not heard, please support the band and the label.

In a general, Ende is a band that connects the “turbo” and they leave at full steam devastating everything and everyone that appear ahead, but calm is not always this way and there are some moments in which they soften a little so as to cool the machine sparing a little fuel because it is expensive (AhAhAh). This happens in the song “The Unearthly Ones” which I would say serves as an interlude to the next song (again … foot in depth).

But it’s in the song “Circle Made of Human Remains” that the band really slows down and manages to demonstrate that they can do it very well.

In my opinion, it’s a bit complicated to choose a song, in which I say “This is the best song on the album” because the album “Goétie Funeste” is a whole, a unit and not parts or decimals that complete the unit. I strongly recommend this album. 9/10 The Key Keeper




Note: Many thanks to the band for having sent the promo and believe in our work.

9/10 Epic Storm
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