Einar – The Call of the Mountains

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Band: Einar
Title: The Call of the Mountains
Country: UK
Label: Self released Demo
Release date: 03 August 18
Format reviewed: Digital Mp3

Einar is one-man Black Metal band from Kent in the UK. The name itself is an old Nordic name meaning “ensom kriger” which translates to something like “Lonely warrior”. A quite fitting name for a one-man band. This demo is the first offering, two of the songs are already available at Bandcamp. Einar states influences like Behemoth, Winterfylleth, Emperor & Solstafir. Being that those bands are among my absolute favorites, excitement is in place before listening to this demo. The songs are predominantly long and there are no vocals. Is Einar pulling of this ambitious task? Well not quite.  There are plenty of good ideas on this, the diversity is appealing. But it does not reach its full potential.

The first song is called Wayfarer, it has some unusual rhythmic drum patterns. It brings to my mind the drum work Igor Cavalera did on the Roots album with Sepultura. Paired with the repeating BM guitar. Clearly getting points for originality. Really like the guitar solo.

Moel Ddv is the second track with a nice “symphonic” feeling intro. It is a long track, but there are some great breaks in the formula to keep it interesting. Repetitive in a kind of Burzum way, the layered guitars show skills. The slower break in tempo midway is making this my favorite track.

Next one is called Memento Mori, clean guitar intro before ice cold mid-tempo riffing takes over for a while before it is full speed ahead.

The closing track: Solus, is ticking in just over 10 minutes. Here Einar demonstrates to the full some Solstafir influence for about 2 and a half minutes in the beginning. The transition to mid-tempo BM carries this track further until it shifts again totally. Fading completely out and a single clean guitar takes over, more Solstafir? The best track on this demo.

Hopefully, this one-man band is adding some vocals to his next offering, the potential clearly is there. 6.5/10 Harald


6.5/10 We may survive
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