Decayed – Of Fire And Evil

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Band: Decayed
Title: Of Fire and Evil
Label: Lusitanian Music
Release Date: 1 June 2018
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: Digital Stream

Portugal’s black metal masters Decayed have been active since the distant 1990 with J.A. (Alastor, Hoth, Thugnor, Necrogore etc) and Nuno determined to run this project by any means. Originally the band was known as Decay, but the history says that in 1991 they decided to change their name to Decayed. With couple of demos recorded, their first official release was the demo “Thus Revealed” in 1992. An year later the EP “Seven seals” and the full-length “The Conjuration of Southern Circle” were out. Since then Decayed went through multiple changes of the line-up, with J.A. being the main man all the time in the band. Besides this, by that time till now Decayed have released tens of splits, EPs, compilations and another eleven albums including their newest opus “Of Fire and Evil”. Having so many years of experience and musical heritage left behind, Decayed stayed true underground and never made compromise with their style, beliefs or crushing heaviness of the music.

With all that said, “Of Fire and Evil” is genuine black album with pure old school roots and primal passion in the music. And tiny southern taste of course. The line-up for this record include J.A. on guitars and vocals, Vulturius on vocals and bass (being in the band since 2011) and GR on the drums (since 2016).The eleven songs are resulting in 41 minutes of fire, ice, storms and blasphemous nocturnal evil haunting, carnage and winds of hell.

“Of Fire and Evil” begins with the mandatory intro, after which enters the mayhemic “FireStorm” – an absolute black metal track raw black metal inspired riffs and blasting beat. “The Scythe of Death” is Venom/early Bathory injected, and for sure will give you a heartbeat. The evil “A Blood Moon” has slower tempo,  malice vocals, mesmerising short solo, and carrying even some Swedish black metal nuances.”Across the Sea” is 5 minute furious black metal opus, with blasting beginning, old school middle part with slow tempo punky riff, back to blasts again and fading slow end…The interlude “Prelude to Carnage” is just a gate to “Blasphemous Carnage” – an absolute 80s black metal haunting smasher. “God is Dead” unleash furious energy and hate, and it is back on the track with the blast beats and 90s Impaled Nazarene inspiration, (I’d describe it). “The Skull of Akator” is gives a marching  tempo in a beginning and occult glorification in the end. “Alvorecer De Almas Perdidas” is the last extreme nail in the coffin before the final chant “Of Fire and Evil” to complete the dark, mystic evocation of all Evil.

The evilness in the vocals, the way the songs are composed and played, the very good mix and production – all is carrying just that old school spirit. And it is just at that which makes the album captivating and enjoyable for those who are seeking very good raw old school black metal, with a drop of nostalgia, trve energy and passion, dark kvlt and staying underground as part of the main beliefs. It’s Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal! 7.5/10 Count Vlad


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