Bitter Lake Interview

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Let me take you far away from here – to the vast Scotish lands, lands of battles, kings, and heroes. Lands with glorious rocky shores, eternally green fields, monuments and castles standing against the time for ages. There, in the dark woods, among the trees, there is a lake. A lake hiding deep black secrets and mystic power, blackgazing into the frozen landscapes of the lost souls.

– Hello Bitter Lake! It’s great to have you on Blessed Altar Zine for a small talk! How are you?
– I’m doing great thanks, I just took 5 minutes out from Recording Vocals to do this, sorry for the delay, been working on new stuff.

– How Bitter Lake came to life and what’s your general idea with this project?
– I make a habit of telling people something different every time I’m asked, just to keep up the Mystic, so pick from one of these: I am a guitar god and Black metal seemed like the ultimate fuck you to my skills or the more friendly – I was so bored I made something from every genre ever and released only the worst as Bitter Lake.

– Why did you decide to be one man band and not more?
– Less humans = less arguing about the direction of the song and storming out of practice in a hissy… from experience anyway.

– Where do you record? Your own studio?
– I record at home in a home studio, I’m recovering from Agoraphobia, I don’t get out much, not that im bothered, looks pretty drab out there.

– Which is the most challenging and difficult part during the process?
– Getting everything to sound like it did in your head, sometimes finding the right tone or chain can be a headache, that and i hate recording vocals, well I enjoy it, it’s the neighbours who don’t.

– Where is this lake why is it so bitter?
– It’s situated in between Bedlam and Squalor, just passed the Rock but not as far as the hard place. It’s Bitter for unknown reasons.

Why did you choose the atmospheric black metal as a way for an expression? What do you like the most in this genre?
– How everything is played so fast and so aggressively its kinda becomes a bleak entity within itself, the whole song just becomes one raw push of Noise and Speed, it sums up the world perfectly, fast, raw and unforgiving.

Are there any other projects you participate in or you would like to run? Other styles you want to express yourself?
– I run a label and am nearly every artist on that label, I’m in a Hardcore Punk band called “Cartoon Head” and I make electronic Music as Grimbit amongst other stuff.

OK, and what about the other musical styles you like to listen to? What about your most influential bands?
– Musically I’m a maze, i like stuff ranging from Early Blues and Jazz to Alisha’s Attic and Cannibal Corpse, influence is probably more Punk and Post punk than anything else.

You have just released your “first TRVE release” as you call it – the self-titled album. Tell us more details about it
– It’s out now, its what I like to think of the debut, everything before was more of a demo and finding my feet/experimenting.
It’s getting a Physical release soon along with the EP Cult of Osiris are releasing later on this year, (Siberia) HFN Recordings are going to be releasing it, it will be their first Metal release but you should definitely check out the label and follow them for more updates on this. (

– It is even in two versions – a short one and a long one…
– yeah, well some people just want the album for a decent price, others wanted lots of extras and special versions and that, so i tried to cater for both, that’s the only real reason, also meant I got to release some stuff I might not have had the chance to otherwise, the Standard Version is now Pay what you want or pay with an email. (

Are you influenced by the Scotish traditional music, as I think I can hear some motifs integrated in your music?
– I’m not Scottish, so if so completely accidentally, not heard much Traditional Scottish music even, i think i have some old vinyl from a charity shop haul of some traditional Scottish stuff but I don’t remember.

Do you plan some shows or you are going to star more in the studio?
– When I’m fully recovered (agorophobia) i will be playing live, thats one of the goals of the project.

What are the other plans ahead of you and Bitter Lake? New music coming soon?
– Siberia coming real soon

How do you find the Scottish metal scene nowadays? Would you cooperate with somebody?
– I speak to a few people from the scene but im really disconnected from society apart from my online presence, i don’t like people so much.

Any chance the lake to become sweeter?
– Maybe over time if you pour some sugar on me.

Did we miss something important? Is there anything else you would like to add or share with us?
– Support local bands and local labels

– I would like really to thank you for taking time for this interview! Looking forward to more news and releases by you! It’s been a real pleasure!
– And thank you too, always nice to chat.

By Count Vlad

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