Adversvm – Aion Sitra Ahra

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Band: Adversvm
Title: Aion Sitra Ahra
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release Date: 4 May 2018
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: Digital CD quality

The triangle. The geometric figure of three sides and three angles, which encloses, from time immemorial, powerful meanings. The perfect number. Symbol, in many cultures, of the triad “Mind, body and spirit”. I believe that the logo of Adversvm, the solo project of a mysterious musician, of which the identity is not known, is really powerful, something formal, if you will, but owner of a powerful and undeniable symbolism, and I believe that the music contained in this work has similar characteristics.

“Aion Sitra Ahra” is an album that arrives at a just moment. Currently, the genre of doom is very popular in many parts of the world, although, being very much embraced in more mainstream environments, there are still certain aspects of this that correspond to the most absolute underground, and I mean the Funeral Doom sub-genre, of course. With the exception of bands like Ahab or Bell Witch, there are still projects that, fused with the most desperate characters of the genre, they continue navigating through more experimental waters, adding a quota of madness and mysticism to their slow-burning alchemy.

Adversvm could be considered within this very particular category. The kind of band that takes more elements from the darkest and belligerent part of this respectable style. The influences of Thergothon are quite obvious, and welcome since there are not many

Funeral Doom bands that can replicate the atmospheres of those huge pioneers, but there is a touch of atmospheres bordering on the psychedelic terrain, very typical of bands like Esoteric or Urna (from Italy). These passages unfold between thick layers of guitars and incredibly successful recording effects.

Being a one-man project, it shows the dedication and time used to make the songs. The study tools are used as one more instrument, achieving an enormous, enveloping sound, with a careful detail and detainment for each texture, specifically of the guitars, and their careful work of a selection of chords. That is another feature that caught my attention. The chord structures used are simple, but perfect for the style. We really appreciate the dynamism and diversity of tones for a genre that tends to delve into extremely simple and repetitive structures. I mean that “Aion Sitra …” is also repetitive, like a good album of Funeral Doom should be, but it stands out in its willingness to want to take the genre one step further, by dint of remarkable theoretical knowledge and good taste.

“Aion Sitra Ahra” is an excellent album of Funeral Doom that moves away from the clichés of the sub-genre (excessive durations, dramatism, and redundant ideas) and offers a fresh mix of experimentation, finally achieved, in tune with the most psychedelic titans.

Adversvm makes his debut, very aware of his qualities and praising the possibilities of his purely underground environment. Very recommendable. 8.5/10 Sergio



8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory
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