UADA – Cult Of A Dying Sun

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Band: UADA
Title: “Cult Of A Dying Sun”
Label: Eisenwald
Release Date: 25 May 2018
Country: USA
Format reviewed: FLAC

After the masterpiece debut “Devoid of Light” released in 2016, UADA (“haunted” from latin) put a rock solid base for something spectacular. That’s why the expectations about their following album were really high. Actually “Cult Of A Dying Sun” was expected with huge impatience by all the those who were already praised their previous effort.

And UADA didn’t disappoint us! Really, there is something magical in Oregon most recently and “Cult Of A Dying Sun” is a stunning record. So lively, with big soul and beating heart. Besides the amazing black metal riffs, the record includes some very melodic, let’s call them, not black meta riffs, which creates butterflies in the stomach. The intensive tempo doesn’t leave a second in calm, and the record goes from the beginning till the end in just a breath.

And indeed, with 7 songs and total running time of 55 minutes “ Cult Of A Dying Sun” is a pure blast. It is absolutely inspired and absolutely inspiring. It carries the roots of the best melodic black metal acts from the middle of the 90s, but at the same time the band plays amazingly vivid own atmospheric and epic tunes. Of course there is a strong continuation in the line of the composing presented in “Devoid the light”, but now everything sounds much more mature. It is the next step. The record sounds very contemporary, and for sure within 20 years it will be untouched again by the time. The songs seem long enough on first glimpse, but in reality they come and go, leaving absolute hunger to listen more and more of them. There is some pure hypnosis in all the spectacular melodies and all the variety of tempos. These are so distinctive and at the same time so sophomore, so complete. Atmospheric to the core, all the seven tracks bring that amazing magical feeling which only the music can deliver. I’m not going to dissect “The Purging Fire”, “Snakes & Vultures”, “Cult Of A Dying Sun”, “The Wanderer”, “Blood Sand Ash”, “Sphere (Imprisonment) and “Mirrors”. I can’t. They just must be heard, experienced, lived, felt. And again, and again.

Along with few very strong releases in the previous couple of years, as well as so far in 2018, “Cult Of A Dying Sun” is a black metal record-example, a record which makes me believe that the genre hasn’t lost of its passion and still can bring the brightest flame in burning pyres under the majestic night skies, deep into the black woods. UADA have delivered another glorious gem; a record which will haunt you many days ahead.  It is among the AOTY contenders in the heaviest and darkest music for 2018. 10/10 Count Vlad



10/10 Immortal Classic

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