Unreqvited – Stars Wept to the Sea

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Band: Unreqvited
Title: Stars Wept to the Sea
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 16 April 2018
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: FLAC

There is music that is dark, full of grief and pain, but it does lift you up. You can feel it with every fibre of the skin and every tiny piece of your soul. When you are down, you need it so badly, just because it is sorrowful, but you know you will feel better and much inspired after listening to it. Per aspera ad astra!

This is the new album by Unreqvited – “Stars Wept to the Sea”. A music for all Those (precious) moments. It drowns you in own atmosphere, creates an own world of experiences, gives you those forgotten feelings, and makes your heart bleed…So much inspired, so much inspiration!

The present third album of this one-man Canadian band is a stunning, again – stunning, journey into the most intimate parts of the soul – 8 tracks of atmospheric post-black metal, torturous layers of vocals, but with abundance of sorrowful piano lines, glorious keyboards estrangements, crystal clear guitars, post-rock parts and patterns, and full of (this so modern nowadays) blackgaze.  Written, engineered, mixed and mastered by (ghost), “Stars Wept to the Sea” delivers cosmic, airy, invisible to the eye thread of feelings, turning it into a grandiose burning pyre with every second during the forward playthrough.

“Sora ” is the epochal 7-minutes entrance into this Unreqvited record. It is a tribute to one of the author’s favourite composers – Brunuhville, and his song “Into Darkness”. Followed by the heavier, grieving and blasting “Anhedonia”, the album continues to dive us into the black observation of the inevitable transformation. “Stardust” is the perfect description of the record – mesmerizing crystal clear shiny beginning, turning into black desperation taking over everything on its way. “Kurai 暗い” is just what it translates – dark, gloomy, dull, dispirited, depressed, sorrowful, bitter – with clear introduction to the heaviness of the bitter burden it carries in its second part. “Empryrean” is piano instrumental which gives us a fresh breath, but this will cost tears… “White Lotus” is spreading its beautiful clean colours into one’s dream. The track also gave another curious glimpse and I searched again for the deep meaning it has in the history of China, the Buddhism and the dynasties through the ages… Namida is again a short piano instrumental before jumping into the 13:13 minutes “Soulscape”, a pure post-black painful track with so many different faces; the final of this grandeur  journey.

No need of a lot of words to be honest. Just go and listen to this album. And when the it ends, I’m absolutely sure you will be left gazing into black nothingness, feeling That Pain of the meaningless, “the dormancy of human presence” into this world. Because you know “Your soul is bid to revival among an omnipresent sky.” 9.5/10 Count Vlad



9.5/10 Epic Storm

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