Vomitor – Pestilent Death

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Band: Vomitor
Title: Pestilent Death
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Release Date: 20 April 2018
Country: Australia
Format reviewed: Digital CD quality

Do you remember the good old days?  Times of bullet belts and piercing standard tunings, sharp like a razor. Times of primitivism, blood and eternal glory. Welcome to the world of the Australians Vomitor, where the pestilent riffs and the Black/Thrash fury are reborn, in an infinite cycle, like a horde worthy of the best warriors of the old Cogumelo Records. I mention this because the music of Vomitor is like an ode, in sound and aesthetics, to bands like Sarcófago or Vulcano (Although with certain reminiscences to the first Sodom or Destruction as well). Basically, the most extreme aspects of the First Wave of Black Metal and Thrash music of the 80’s. Even the band’s logo shares similarities with that of Sarcófago, with those inverted and sharp crosses.

The sound banquet is deliciously raw, capturing perfectly the old recordings of those demos of the first wave, which today are so valuable and fundamental for any good collector. The riffs are unleashed, dirty and frantic, on varied tempos, which can be slow and heavy or powerful cavalcades of crazy blast beats, worthy of the legendary D.D Crazy. The guitars, as it could not be otherwise, constitute the main dish, with an excellent dynamism and execution, managing to submerge the listener in a rough, slightly fuzzy tangle, with maximum treble. Pure delight for the most nostalgic Black hearts.

Pestilent Death” is a frantic recording, which does not decay at any time, with an adequate duration of just over 30 minutes, which leaves you wanting much more. And with an ultra-sharp band, eager to write odes of pure retro metal delight that, despite its remarkable nostalgic value, offers us a work of high quality, excellently enjoyable. Of obligatory listening for any true metalhead. Enjoy it at full volume. 8.5/10 Sergio



8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory

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