Serum Dreg – Lustful Vengeance

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Band: Serum Dreg
Title: Lustful Vengeance
Label: Invictus Productions
Release Date: 20 April 2018
Country: United States
Format reviewed: Digital CD quality

Welcome to the world of lust and darkness. You let yourself blindfold and move forward, barefoot. The smell of musk and incense intersperses in an electric spasm traveling directly to your brain. You go straight to the dungeon, knowing that maybe there is no escape. Serum Dreg debuts with an album full of sex and death, invoking ancient archaic sound forms and contemporary brutality, in a masterly way.

The band is constituted by two members: Conjure of Plague, who is in charge of the drums, and Ad Infinitum, the real mastermind behind the project, in charge of all the other instruments and also known as "R", one of the most prolific musicians of the contemporary black metal scene of the Northwestern United States. ("R" is also a member of Ash Borer, Dagger Lust, Triumvir Foul, Adzalaan, and the list goes on ..)

“Lustful Vengeance” begins with a martial rhythm, in a ritualistic way, like a macabre omen and suddenly submits us to an initiatory riff with a guitar and a bass, terribly distorted, with an overwhelmingly grimy tone. Immediately we know that we are in the presence of an honorable exercise of style reminiscent of the most occult and intransigent acts of the first wave. The classic and unbeatable tone of Tom G. Warrior reverberates throughout the album, as a tribute to Hellhammer and Celtic Frost (Morbid Tales era). “R” knows how to take advantage of every nook and cranny of these caves full of humidity and despair and makes them hatch with sections of sound violence, very much linked to War Metal. The resulting potion works perfectly offering doses, in equal parts, of extremity, occultism of the first wave and a bit of D-Beat attitude, which is essential to give life to this primitive beast of malicious fury.

The dynamics do not vary much throughout the album, which has a duration of just over 20 minutes. (It could be considered more of an EP). Demonic doom sections, blast beats, crazed vocals and some synthesizer mattresses to create certain macabre atmospheres. Serum Dreg meets expectations and gives us a cathartic work, to satisfy the most hedonistic minds, and eager for sonic filth. Highly recommended for fans of Hellhammer. 7.5/10 Sergio



7/10 – Victory is possible

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