Anialator “Rise to Supremacy”

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Band: Anialator
Title: Rise to Supremacy
Label: Xtreem Music
Date: February 7, 2018
Country: U.S.A.

Having formed originally in 1986 and going until 1989, along with some member changes and later reforming again in 2015, Anialator has two demos, two compilations and three EPs to date. From 1990 on wards, the band name was changed to Sufferance instead, which went on as a band into the later 90’s. Now reformed and under the name Anialator once again, with a new EP titled, Rise to Supremacy, Anialator have moved forward with a new quality thrash offering with a punchier modern upgrade. Keeping with traditional thrash influences and being well versed in their time as a band from mid 1980’s on wards, we are listening to a great reflection of the past brought into a modern sound which makes for a new impact for the underground. Catchy guitar rhythms and verses hold sway in this EP, with occasional melodic solos and delaying whammy dives attacking away. Big sounding drums within the mix flow from slower to faster tempos, applying solid kick drums to all variations within the song structures, followed by a snappy snare, keeping all at point. Mid high to higher range vocals scream out, reciting the words of annihilation, adding to the dimension of this thrash madness. Rise to Supremacy, keeps a strong traditional sense of this type of metal alive and well. Anialator, thirty-two years after originally forming, have now given the world an update, together with a modern production of who they are and what this is thrash metal beast is about. 9/10  Wolven Deadsoul