Stromstad “New Devoted Human”

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Band: Stromstad
Title: New Devoted Human
Label: Malignant Records
Date: December 8, 2017
Country: Norway / Finland

Well well well… First of all, very good looking the Digipack that I have in my hands.
I received this release a little late, (thank you very much to the customs) directly from the label and what I have to say about the same? Totally unknown. I had never heard of such a band. So I did some homework. “New Devoted Human” is the band’s first release. That band, which is the union of three musicians. Jasse Tuukki and Toni Myöhänen from the band and Kristoffer Oustad which was created in 2015. But what do we have here? These three musicians from Norway and Finland make a mixture of sound that brushes the Dark Ambient style, very obscure and the musical style, Industrial. They are well-elaborated compositions, a little aggressive at times and that very sincerely, I think the ears of many will feel difficult to listen to the songs here present. The songs have a rhythmic cadence present that made me shake my head and made my feet set the rhythm/beat of the songs. Sung or spoken phrases that sometimes appear in songs can “fill up” and your message of destruction is very real. There are some “loops” throughout the album that are nicely matched with the rest of the “sounds”, rhythm, beat behind the song. I can also add that on this album I found different sounds and/or beats than I am used to listening to in this musical genre. There is something here that touches the “Electronic” but in a harder and bolder way, more obscure and heavy. It was a very good discovery for me. I really liked what I heard. If by chance someone is willing to listen to something new, different and obscure I strongly advise this band. 8/10 Me, Myself & I




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