Forgotten Soul Interview

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Forgotten Soul is an American band who plays Raw Black Metal. We decided to do a Bltizkrieg Interview to them in order to know just a few things… Check it… Interview by Coffinships

So, my first question is what are all of your musical influences, who helped inspire you to become Forgotten Soul? 
Burzum, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Leviathan, Xasthur, Striborg, Mutiilation, Absurd, Goatmoon, Satanic Warmaster, Revenge, Archgoat, Nahvah, and Peste Noire to name a few bands…But the music is more inspired by spells, ritual, hate, and Satan.

What message are you sending with your music?
Absolute hatred. Standing against the modern world at all costs. Waging war against life, and goodness. To spread the word of hate and true satanism. We aim to destroy all semblance of good and goodwill. Destroy the spirit of mankind, and replace it with death and evil.

Okay awesome, and what age were you all inspired to further your interest into a career?
My time is endless and eternal. The chains of time shackle me not. The human concept of time does not apply to Plague or I, Wraith.

And what make you guys from unique? 
The thing that sets us apart is that we actually believe what we say, which is more than you could say for most of these contemporary so called “black metal” bands that do it only for fun or to try to give purpose to their meaningless miserable lives. They’re no better than court jesters parodying what true black metal really is. Also our music is a vessel to carry out complex incantations and spells to influence, control, and spread the word of evil. The music is secondary the ideology and meaning is the main concern.

Awesome and my final question is what is the next direction you are hoping to take with your music?
The final direction is the end of all things! Every album gets more hateful, more depressive, more absolutely necrotic fucking mayhem! The future is black and opaque for all the followers of Abraham. The return of Paganism, and Theistic Satanism shall reign supreme, and when we take power, the grand purge shall begin. We will become even more militant, and increase the power of rituals, and increase the amount of evil in the world. We will continue to do the Devils work….