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Necrosi is a death metal band from Agrigento Italy, providing intesive musical butchery in the best traditions of the genre from latest 80’s and early 90’s. Their debut self-titled EP is our and now I have the pleasure to talk with Giuseppe Peri about the the band, their music and future plans.

1 – Hello, Peppe! Please tell us more about Necrosi. How did the idea about the band come?
Hi Vlad, first of all many thanks for your support. Necrosi grow’s up in the summer of 2017, it’s a demostration of our love for the real and primordial death metal of the 90’s . Me and Tony decides to play death fuckin’ metal in the very old way.

2 – You are playing guitar in the band.  Who are the rest of the musicians in Necrosi?
Yes, exactly and Tony “Grave”on vocals, but for recording session of our first ep Angelo “Destruktor” plays the bass and Totò “Trronu” the drums. I give you a little preview about the line-up, now we have recruited Kjeld “Putrid” on bass & “Trronu” remains on drums.

3 – How does the songwroting process go? Does anyone of you takes care of everything, or you have split roles on music, lyrics, producing?
For the EP, I wrote the music, Tony the lyrics, Angelo produced & Kjeld make the drawings. In the future we’ll modified our sound because we have two guitar now, Tony sing and play the second guitar also.

4 – Your self-titled EP includes three songs in the best intesnisve death metal traditions. What were your inspirations – any particular bands, or maybe the history and the temples in Agrigento?

We’re inspired by metal of death and bands like Autopsy, Unleashed, Carnage & others shit. The ancient history of Akragas (greek name indeed) and the amazing “Valley of Temples” are part of us, is in our DNA. The smell of the Gods it’s in the air, it’s our breathe, is life.

5 – How long did it take to record the EP and are there any particular stories behind the tracks?
No particular stories about the recording sessions, we had make all in a couple of days in september 2017.

6 – The EP can be found on your Bandcamp page now. Shaw we expect to be realesed on any other formats?
Yes, the EP will be released as a split CD with “Bloodland” for the german label Unholy Fire Records in the next month.

7 – Do you plan a full-lenght album? What can we expect in this direction from the band?
Of course, we’re working on new songs to release a full lenght album the next summer. The sound is more brutal and intensive with more doom and grind blast. The music is more sick and two guitar are the right solution to make this.

8 – What are your plans for live shows and touring?
After the release of the split CD, we’re planning a few dates and I hope in Italy and Europe.

9 – What do you think of the current death metal scene? Is it as solid as before? Any bands you prefer?

I don’t like the current scene, my favourite bands are the ancient ones.

10 – How is the underground scene developing in Italy?
The underground scene are alive and well, there are some good bands in Italy like Haemophagus, Morbo, ecc…

11 – I can’t resist to ask you about Thrash Bombz. Will you share any news?
In March 2017 we released our new album “Master of the Dead” and had excellent feedback, for the news stay tuned.

12 – Thank you very much for taking time for this interview. Looking forward to hearing news on Necrosi soon again and share further news with us!
Thanks to you and the readers of the ‘zine, listen the real music and support the true underground.

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Interview by: Count Vlad