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ALTAR OF OBLIVION – new album “In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay”

Danish epic doomsters ALTAR OF OBLIVION release today their new album. Titled “In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay”, the record is a concept work based on the diary of guitarist Martin Meyer Sparvath’s maternal great-grandfather Jesper Wilhem Meyer, who reluctantly fought for the German Empire during The Great War (1914-1918). 

Preparations for this aural endeavour began in 2005, when the band tracked a demo version of what years later would morph into the now completed album, which was originally supposed to be the debut full-length of the early duo incarnation of the band. This album contains some of the band’s first ever creations, and in many ways, it can be regarded as some sort of Altar Of Oblivion-prototype, bringing forth and spewing out their darkest and most traditional epic doom-work to date.

During and since the pandemic, Altar Of Oblivion have been in recording mode, finishing both new and old stuff, including two full-lengths, two EPs and an acoustic album, enabling the band to take a well-deserved studio-break in order to focus on live shows from now on. A number of gigs have been confirmed for 2024, and the collective is now looking forward to hitting the stage again, heavier, older and more invigorated than ever. Time will tell if playing live is the right cure for a severe case of discoloured studio tan.

“In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay” will be released on CD, LP (black vinyl) and digital formats on June 28th, 2024 via From The Vaults. Physical orders are available via this link

The origins of Altar of Oblivion can be traced back to 2003, when Martin Meyer Sparvath (guitars/vocals) and Allan Larsen (drums) formed a duo called Summoning Sickness. Three years later, this doubtful project was transformed into a four-piece named Altar Of Oblivion, and the entity went from playing simple black/speed/heavy-metal to epic doom metal. The band has so far, apart from a number of demos, EPs and a live album, three full-lengths under its belt.

“In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay” will be released on CD, LP (black vinyl) and digital formats on June 28th, 2024 via From The Vaults. 

Mik Mentor – vocals
Martin Meyer Sparvath – guitars & guitar-synth
Jeppe Campradt – guitars
C. Nørgaard – bass
Danny Woe – drums
Jannick Nielsen – keyboards


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