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CRUCE SIGNATUS, the project from Milwaukee, WI, based multi-instrumentalist David Frazer (PILLAGING VILLAGERS), is preparing to release their instrumental self-titled debutThis is the first of four releases that together produce the soundtrack to a feature length animated anthology. This is a project which collaborates with independent animators and illustrators to bring the story to life. Cruce Signatus is out on June 7th, 2024.

David Frazer comments: 

“Taking influences from a wide variety of sources, from the cinematic compositions of HANS ZIMMER and BASIL POLEDOURIS to the dark, brooding synthwave of GOST and PERTURBATOR, all passed through a heavy metal filter, CRUCE SIGNATUS represents a dynamic, ambitious venture into new musical realms.”

About Cruce Signatus
CRUCE SIGNATUS’ self-titled debut is the first of four epic concept albums which form the musical soundscape for a feature-length, animated anthology series. In collaboration with Heavy Metal Magazine illustrators such as Vincent Kings & Chris Anderson, this series unfolds the tale of an impoverished knight’s quest to confront his sins as he navigates the monstrous brutality of the First Crusade. 

Breaking down genre boundaries and casting aside traditional song structures, CRUCE SIGNATUS’ unique blend of synthwave and heavy metal emphasizes repeated build-ups, continually stacking melodies and rhythms into polyphonic climaxes. The four tracks on Cruce Signatus continually reference one another, building themes that change dimension and tone throughout.


Album cover by Chris Anderson
Video is illustrated and animated by Vincent Kings
Photography and all other graphics created by David Frazer


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