Carnalis Amatoria #News #Stream

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“Dweller in the Flesh” is the first single from the upcoming album “Amplecti Dolorem. Carpe Mortem” coming out very soon.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with gastric cancer for which I am currently going through radiation treatments for. I wrote “Dweller in the Flesh” after my first round of radiation and I was weak, in pain but angry and wanted a song that reflected that. I sent my ideas to the Hellcommander and he came up with the perfect lyrics and vocals.

The whole album “Amplecti Dolorem. Carpe Mortem” has a recurring theme surrounded by death, but also pain and pleasure.

All the music and instruments for Carnalis Amatoria are done by Liliana Amatoria (based in New York, USA), with lyrics and vocals from Hellcommander Vargblod (Based in Sweden) who is also known for his work with Myronath, Helvitnir, Dodskold.


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