Put me Out – All Flesh is Grass

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Band: Put me Out
Title: All Flesh is Grass
Label: Independent
Release date:  February 22nd, 2024 / April 14th (CD format)
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-Quality Digital Recording 

No matter how small, big, underground, or very well-known a band can be; when I find music that I really like, I feel the impulse to speak about it. And to do this, I can write a review in this zine and try to spread the word, at least with those who are reading these articles (oh yes, I’m talking about YOU). I’m really glad to have this opportunity, and thank YOU for reading, fellow Metalheads.

The band I want to talk to you about today is Put Me Out. They are from Sweden and play a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal, focusing on the 90’s Metal scene to achieve their Old School sound. They started as a full band in August 2023, and they have released seven songs so far, digitally and also in CD format (only their latest EP, which I’m reviewing today), self-financed, and limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

I had this band under my radar from some months ago, and last week I started listening to their songs and I really liked them. This is my review of their latest EP, “All Flesh is Grass”, and even if there are only two songs in it with a total timing of 5 and a half minutes, it’s something promising because Put Me Out delivers great music with full energy. 

The first song, “All Flesh is Grass”, starts with an infectious riff and THAT bass resonating right through your brain while drums are still restrained, yeah only good vibes so far! Then, a deep growl rips the air and the other guitar enters the scene as drums intensify… ohh what a great start! I love how this song grows since the very beginning. Vocals sound in a menacing tone, growls are intense and the addition of some backing vocals makes the whole thing sound darker. The riffs are damn good, and the drums are not in a very fast tempo, I really like what I listen to. The rhythm section turns out to be a perfect fitting, the bass keeps on being audible, an extra point for this. And it’s vocally infectious, I’d dare to say!

The second track in this EP, “Ekwensu Ocha”, has the particularity that the title is in the Igbo language (from Nigeria) and it means “The White Devil”, there’s probably a good story behind this… Ahh Death Metal lyrics about the devil’s supremacy, isn’t it nice? Musically… it sounds evil, dark, with that bass sounding the way I like (not just buried by guitars!), and my brain is on a trip to the early Death Metal scene, but with a more polished sound and good Thrash vibes. And not so frantic, but with strong and energetic drum patterns. Great vocal work again, this time raspy screams and some bestial growls in the background.

Always great to know a new band from the underground, with such very good quality. Write down their name: Put Me Out. I think there will be more amazing things coming from them, just like the way they did till now. This EP is 9/10 for me   Sílvia



9/10 Epic Storm
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