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Hello there,

Welcome to the last #UndergroundRecos of March… This week my journey was short into the world of music. Many things to do besides the Zine. But still, I managed to listen to some damn good releases, others not so good, but, is how the music is. The ones that are not so good to me, can be amazing ones to other persons around there and vice – versa. Is always about taste.

Enjoy my travel into music and I hope you enjoy my recos.

Band: A Somber Funeral
Title: Summertime Sorrow
Label: Silent Watcher Records
Release date: 01 March 2024
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

After 3 singles and only that, the first album from this duo. With a band’s name like that, I assumed the band was moving or traveling inside the Atmospheric Black Metal. Well, I was right. The problem for me at this moment is that, already exists so many bands moving inside this “division” inside Black Metal and the majority already started to sound like copy+paste band. Luckily and thankfully, not this band. To be honest, if I took off the Keys and the Synths the band sound like an Old Fashion Black Metal band, if I can say that… It was a very good journey listening to this band, with very interesting riffs, very good tempo changes, good songs, and the voice reminding a bit the vocals from the Russian band Nuclear Winter.
Give them a chance and enjoy their music.

Band: Darkestrah
Title: Nomad
Label: Osmose Productions
Release date: 29 March 2024
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Born in Kyrgyzstan but located at this moment in Germany, this is a band that I have the honour of following almost since the beginning, since the third album to be honest, and the quality till today as been always good. The band plays a kind of Epic Black Metal mixed with some Orchestral Black Metal, not exaggerated and Folk Metal, not the happy “Raise your horns and drink till the end and let dance all together around the fireplace”, not criticizing, just trying to give you an idea. This band had some good, some amazing, some ok releases, but all have quality. Of course that is not possible to please everyone, even to a big fan of the band. My idea, my thoughts of course. But, I really advise this band if you want good quality. So, click on the link below and listen to some damn good release.

Band: Khold
Title: Du dømmes til død
Label: Soulseller Records
Release date: 22 March 2024
Country: Norway
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Well, the story behind this band, there is no need to tell, the band is already been here since 2001 with the first album. So, I will avoid this part of the “tell”. Now the music… Do you like the old releases of the band and the way they played Black Metal? With that Black Metal that looked like that was mixed with some Rock’n’roll and those “balanced” riffs and mid-tempo groovy drums and that sick voice? Well, you will listen to that, yes you will, but… Not so “dirty”. Yes, It looked like the band lost a bit of the “personal touch”. At the same time, it’s there. Strange to describe it. I understand the clean and better production, times change, better studios, better production, better sound quality, etc etc. But… It sounds like the band is “softer”, they lost the “spirit”. I’m just talking about the sound, how it sounds, not about the songs, or the album. The album, well, I have to say, is damn good. I enjoy it a lot and have been listening to it a lot of times. Is a must-have in my humble opinion, but I can’t avoid comparing it with the old releases.

See you next week and…

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