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NEW video clip from Hezrou -Wasteland Skies

It contains the remastered song Black Larch from the Self-titled Hezrou EP,   Another song that was unreleased and recorded in 2017 titled “The Flood”, and a third track recorded in 2019 called Wasteland Skies.

The single itself is a small glimpse of what we have to follow,  with a full-length Compilation of Hezrou‘s recordings made at various times and locations both as a live act and solo project scheduled to be available for April 2 2024. It’s titled “Bush Metal Blasphemy“, It contains artwork from Jef Whitehead,
and other artwork from Torment, the live guitarist for Hezrou

Cassettes will be available via Bandcamp second week of April, with live performances to follow in late spring summer 2024.

22 minutes of New Music, rehearsal outakes and a remastered track from a previously released Self Titled Demo on Witchcult Records.

This is just a small window in what Hezrou has in store for the future…

With the new member named Torment added to play Lead guitar and backing vocals,  Hezrou will unleash another EP on April 2 2024, that will be titled “Bush Metal Blasphemy”….

A compilation of Hezrou recordings, featuring live rehearsals, New and old studio recordings, And the release that was previously slated for an early 2020 release and was canceled due to various conflicting personal issues at that time….

 Titled the “Wasteland Skies Ep”.  It featured 3 never before-heard, Viciously wild Hezrou tracks that add up to an Individual EP in itself on one release! Hezrou will be taking the stage in late June, early July. 

All of the music and merchandise of Hezrou is available via Bandcamp.

The Artwork Was designed and painted by Torment, Hezrou‘s newest addition and lead guitarist since late 2023.

Hezrou is:
Darkness – Battery/ Vokills
Torment – Tripwires/Warchants

1. Wasteland Skies
2.Scythe And Harvest 1
3. Black Larch
4. Bloody Handprints on a White Stone Cross,(A Wager of Nonfeasance)…
5. No Headstone, No Funeral
6. Outro…..

Hezrou is a Manitoba First Nations Black/Death Metal based in remote locations of Manitoba. 
Influenced mostly by various Canadian Black/ Death/Thrash/War metal bands. 
We are fighting for the survival of the First Nations People of our province and country.


Hails to Blessed Altar Zine and the Bush Metal Maniacs for the Support!!!!!

-Darkness ov Hezrou

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**