#IronCurtain Savage Dawn

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Band: Iron Curtain
Title: Savage Dawn
Label: Dying Victims Productions 
Release date:  23 February 2024
Country: Spain
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording  

… And it seems I’ve been passing over another band, damn! Iron Curtain is about to release their fifth album, they have been in the Metal scene since 2007, and now it’s the first time I hear from them. Well, better late than never!

What made me pick this album among the others, to write a review? The first thing that caught my attention was the cover, in a retro style: the character dressed in leather, the gauntlets with all those spikes, the heavy chains on his shoulder; the skull mask, the military helmet, and the fact that the guy is raising an old axe in an old factory or warehouse, makes the whole thing a bit… well, I’d say “intriguing”. 

And well, when I started listening to it, I got what I was expecting: a fast album inspired by bands that were playing Thrash/Speed/Heavy Metal in the 80s. Let me tell you, Iron Curtain doesn’t invent the wheel but they are very good at playing this kind of Metal for the nostalgic. Or, for all who enjoy a great dose of Metal at high speed, old-school style… 

After a short and mysterious intro using some synths, guitar plucks and a whispered voice, you are fully into it: an infectious riff starts to play, supported by very audible bass notes and drums that are just warming up. ‘Cause a few seconds later, there’s no turning back: the attack starts and will be merciless with you. “Devil’s Eyes” is a fantastic opener: fast, catchy, with a great guitar work (that riff that plays from start to finish is addictive, and the solo is highly enjoyable), and vocals a bit raspy but not too much, with the addition of choruses to make it sound thicker… yeah, I’m in for a good ride I think!

If there’s one thing that the guys in Iron Curtain knows, it’s how to satisfy your thirst for headbanging. You just need to listen to “Gypsy Rocker” and try not to move your head. And your body. Again, the three axes start delivering high voltage sound, waiting for drums marking the right pace; of course the song structure is a bit predictable, you’ve heard it many times, by many bands. But, that means nothing; they are very good at this, and even if you know what to expect from their music, quality is what matters. 

“Kalashnikov 47” is a song with memorable old-school riffs in it, besides a bit darker tone, choruses in a classic “ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oooh” format, drums beating fast over and over… For me the intro or the outro results repetitive here ‘cause are more or less the same, but maybe these guys just wanted to wrap this song with a similar passage in the beginning and at the end, to separate it from the rest. Although… for some reason, it’s not one of the songs I enjoy the most.

There’s another war themed song, “Jericho Trumpet (Stuka)” running at high speed, one of the (for me) most addictive tracks in the album. Guitars and drums going into a frantic pace at times, proving that the songs at the end of an album are not necessarily fillers. 

My overall impression is that Iron Curtain released a very good album, fueled by those early 80s Speed/Thrash Metal bands that they probably have been listening to all their lives… and doing a fine revival of those golden years in Metal. For me it’s a 7,5/10   Sílvia



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