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Band: Dust Bolt
Title: Sound & Fury
Label: AFM Records
Release date: 23 February 2024
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

When I read the name of the band, the music style played, and the label behind it, I thought a Teutonic Thrash Metal band. Oh yeahhhhh. I want to listen to this. Well… Not what I had in mind to be honest. At the beginning started to sound a Slipknot band style, but luckily is not. The band looks much more an Noth American Thrash Metal to be honest. It’s good in fact, the Thrash Metal played by the band is good, with a lot of good riffs, a lot of Groove too. While I was listening the album remind me a lot of bands from the 90s. Can you imagine old Anthrax, Galactic Cowboys, Mordred, Mucky Pup, Sacred Reich, etc. Not a copy-paste band. I like it a lot. Congratulations mates. Good job.

Band: House Of Atreus
Title: Orations
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Release date: 02 February 2024
Country: USA
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

What looked to be an Old Fashion Death Metal release, very fast managed to surprise me. Yes, that is true. The band is playing a style of Death Metal that can be very easily called Melodic Death Metal with some touches of Black Metal. It sounded to me a mix of Ares Kingdom, with Varathron, In Flames (Old), The Chasm and even Rotting Christ. The EP is good, and in my opinion is a band that MUST be followed. Check them.

Band: Pestilength
Title: Solar Clorex
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Release date: 16 February 2024
Country: Basque Country
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

In 2022 they released the album Basom Gryphos and I wrote that time a few lines about it, and when I saw the label that is behind the release I thought they changed the music style. Wrong. That time I said they were inside that kind of Death Metal that is very rotten. This time I will add another words. Arghhh. Can you imagine Abscess, Necrophagia, The Ravenous, mixed with some Doom Metal? Rotten Filthy Sick Heavy Cavernous Dirty Decadent Death Metal with Doom Metal. That is the band’s style. My opinion.

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