#Uninhibited Ascend The Plank

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Band: Uninhibited
Title: Ascend The Plank
Label: Independent
Release date: 25 December 2023
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

I was contacted by this German band and it was new to me. The band is composed of two members. Basti doing the vocals and Marco doing all the rest.

After an easy and nice chat and after, checking for some info about these two musicians and I found they were already sharing the stage with Harcore bands…

Well, my taste in Hardcore is very low to be honest, even if I know several bands and have already seen a few bands too. Anyway…

After this info, I admit my feet gave a step backward, but… I had to press the play button… I did, and voilá…

A Death Metal band…
A good and interesting one.

This is the first release of the band and it’s divided into 5 songs. The Death Metal played by these two guys is not 100% Old School Death Metal style. Not a Brutal Death Metal too. Is more related to, a kind of modern Death Metal. I do not agree too much with this definition, cause I mainly read it on Metalcore or Deathcore band reviews and this is not the case here.

The band is not moving inside those two music styles. In my opinion, I will change to Death Groove Metal. It looks better in my opinion cause of the Death Metal played by the band.

The songs can be fast and slower and it is here that the Groove appears, is balanced, is heavy, and is good. In my opinion, these two guys have this Groove on the songs cause they came from Hardcore, and if you know Hardcore, they have a lot of these.

But luckily, at least for me, the band is not mainly or always that way. They are mainly a Death Metal band.

The EP starts with the song Ascend The Plank and if the Groove is there at the beginning, in a very fast way they jump to the Death Metal style. The vocals are strong and powerful in my opinion. The riffs used are catchy and fast. It reminds me of some old Death Metal bands.

The second track named Outspoken Sin started in a very damn good way. It looked like I was listening to Malevolent Creation classics but with the production of the 21st century and with blast beats. This song is amazing. More or less in the middle of the same, came one heavy even if slow riff, that kind of riff mixing the “crunch” and tremolo picking. Very good.

Disconnected To Mankind, the third song of this EP is more related in fact to Old School Death Metal. The riffs used, the breaks, the name of the song, and the chorus, but in the chorus at the same time, the way of singing looked a bit like a Hardcore band. The solo on this song is “simple” but very effective, Adorning the song. I like it.

Death Poem and Master Of Killing the last two songs of the EP are the continuation of the quality unleashed by the band.

The equalization of all instruments (including the voice) is well done, I could listen to everything well, the bass, more in the slower and/or Groove parts, the guitars not very high, the drums very good and the voice is on the “top” of the high standards (mine).

The production is strong, it fits very well with the style of the band. It was a very good surprise, to be honest.

The band already has 9 songs recorded for a future album. I hope they find a good label and I want to listen to it again. With no doubt, I give this band a 9 in 10. Thank you a lot for sharing the music with me mates. 9/10 The Key Keeper 666


9/10 Epic Storm
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