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On December 1st internationally, DOMINANCE OF DARKNESS RECORDS is proud to present APHELIUM AETERNUM’s long-awaited debut album, Dark Interstellar Mysteries, on vinyl LP format.

Hailing from Bavaria, APHELIUM AETERNUM is a recreation of an old abandoned project called Aphelium Eternal, founded in 1995 by T. Voidgänger (back then called Azazel) before he joined the band Sorcerer. Other members were Bael and Nachtmahr, both members of Sorcerer. After only six months, the band was laid to rest. In 2019, T. Voidgänger finally went back to reanimate the band, as the name fit the songs that were composed in a more symphonic black metal style, changing the second part of the name from Eternal to AETERNUM. New members were found in Dragg (Auro, Drudensang), Peryton (Pestnebel, Nigrum Tenebris), Krampn (Drudensang), and M. P.

With that lineup in place, it took APHELIUM AETERNUM over three years to finish the recordings of their first album. A demo was made with rough mixes, but was also delayed. Meanwhile, Krampn left the band to focus on other projects. But the journey of APHELIUM AETERNUM has just begun: at long last, their full-length debut arrives in Dark Interstellar Mysteries. Almost too perfectly titled, Dark Interstellar Mysteries creates a cosmic canvas like few others these days. Modernity is ditched for the cryogenic, vast void of outer space, where dramatic and densely layered symphonic black metal weaves a sumptuous, splendorous spell that’s immersive to the extreme. APHELIUM AETERNUM spare no extravagance nor detail here; kaleidoscopic and 3D, this album is far, FAR removed from shitty fake-raw “black metal” clogging up Bandcamp nowadays. Indeed, the band are old spirits, and display as much across Dark Interstellar Mysteries, invoking the likes of Emperor, Limbonic Art, Obtained Enslavement, and Norway’s Troll, Covenant, and Odium – times when black metal was exclusively veiled in mystery.

Released on CD in September, now Dark Interstellar Mysteries fittingly receives a vinyl treatment. The stargate opens and there stand APHELIUM AETERNUM, surveying their kingdom cold!

Dragg – vocals
T. Voidgänger – guitars, bass
Peryton – drums
M. P. – keyboards



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