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Band: Apocalyptic Leaders
Title: Theory of Death
Label: War Productions
Release Date: 3 November 2023
Country: Greece
Format: High-quality Digital Recording

Having a look at Apocalyptic Leader’s library of work, this band hailing from Greece has been busy. Singles, starting in 2020, Eps, split album in 2022 and 2023, and three full-length albums. The full-length albums started in 2021 with “Macabre” and “The Worst Punishment” followed by 2023’s “Theory of Death” Today I will be listening to “Theory of Death”, which was released on November 3, 2023, and I wish that those of you who haven’t heard this band yet, do so. The band is hard working and, committed to making music true to his direction and heart.

Quick intro of Apocalyptic Leaders, the single band member is Kostas. B is also of the band Thymata and Forgotten. He started Apocalyptic Leaders in 2017, and as I said earlier, has been very busy. The style of this newest album is black metal with the theme of the album relating to death and seemingly questioning the state of living and what affects our viewpoints over time. What happened in life to have the outcome that it’s at now, goes through my head as I listen to the music.

Well, let’s get to this newest offering and get into this music …

The first of the 8 tracks is, “That Haunts it Even Now”, solid kick-ass riffs first thing, and the growled scream follows to counterpoint those riffs and blistering drums. The tempo changes to introduce a more lyrical section of guitar followed by a doomy cadence of guitar and drum, just to change things up in this track. Soon we are thrown headfirst into speed riffs and drums again and the tenseness of the change is exhilarating. More of the mind-melting vocals ensue during all of this and the tone is rage-filled and despondent at the same time.

Next, No One Created the Universe, seems to be questioning our existence here, what parameters do we call limits or borders. Or is that the point: there are no limits? We just all carry on in our own bubbles somehow and call that existence. The track is again, a solid black metal tempo of punishing drum speeds and speed riffs carrying up and down on tremolo patterns. Vocals are ragey and strong in this track.

Now we have, Made by Blood (Necronomicon), which is brutal and punishing with a vocal treatment meant to see your ears. The track is unrelenting in its attack. Towards the end, a change-up is introduced bringing more of a melodic edge to the brutal expression that characterized most of the track.

Source of Life is up next and this brings an interlude of sorts with the music pattern hitting into more melodies created in the tone of guitar and drums. The vocal picks up same time the riffs become hammering, and the drums become frenetic expressions of rage. Then out of nowhere, a redirection of a more lyrical-sounding guitar comes in to add more to this track. The very end of this track is beautifully despondent.

Murder of Morals, I love this title. I think for me it’s the awakening of what serves as our morals (as we thought) and then life happens and these morals morph to become less of a line to cross and more of a how far can I go past it. Vocals are haunting and echoing in this giving yet another dimension of creativity from Kostas B.

No 6 is “Theory of Death, another example of the brutal nature on display in this album. Vocals are continuous screams, varying tempos that speak of the fury present.

No. 7 is The Lake (Illuminated by the Red Moon)”, this brings a tempo change, guitar feels more like an electric lead guitar and less the black metal riffs. Once I wrote that, then the riffs came back signaling the black metal sound that is so recognizable. Intense guitar display of slow stuttering riffs followed by the growled vocal changing tones. Midway through a discordancy is introduced and it plays well with the established sound. The track finishes in a fury of sound, vocals, riffs, and drums.

Finally, track 8 is titled “Anti-Dogmatic Era”, an atmospheric start, a foreboding build-up to more of the punishing riffs and on-fire drumming. This track is fiery, leaving everything on the floor so to speak. Nothing left in the gas tank, and the track just builds more fury as it continues. Melodic point towards the end of this and as I said, non-stop relentless expression.

My overview of this album is that its solid. You won’t be disappointed with the guitar and drumming sequences or the vocals. The vocal feeds and builds on each segment, while you are left with a solid expression that stays consistent.

I give this a 7.5/10 Metal Marie



7.5/10 Victory is possible 
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