#AsTheSunFalls Where the Silence Reigns

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Band: As The Sun Falls
Title: Where the Silence Reigns
Label: Independent
Release date:  14 October 2023
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Here comes an EP from a band I didn’t know before: As the Sun Falls, a band from Finland. They exist since 2020 and let me tell you, they have not been quiet a lot, even if their first EP was released on May 30th, 2020, a very short time after all the pandemic shit started. And from that day until now, they have brought to “life” one full-length, a live album and four EPs. All independent, what a big effort, if this is not passion tell me what it is… 

After this introduction, let me talk about their music. As the Sun Falls plays Melodic Death Metal with a very characteristic Finnish sound, well that’s something that bands from Finland can’t hide… And I love it! The cold sceneries, the melancholic tone, the bleakness that evokes… 

First song of the EP, “The Wanderer”, is the longer one. The guitars and bass at the start sets the atmosphere: cold, desolate, a beautiful melody is played with a few variations, until vocals and drums join and all explode. Guitars go for a faster and more aggressive playing, drums bass pedal annihilates all calm and beauty… Growls are very good, thick and deep. Maybe the song results a bit repetitive for more than 8 minutes, but the atmosphere is perfect. It definitely brings some Nordic vibes to me.

The following track, “Trees as my Gravestone” has been resonating in my head quite a bit. The guitar melody is vibrant and catchy, drums have a constant pace and the addition of some keys gives an extra point to that melancholic feeling, along with the calm part in the middle and that verse in Finnish. But, again, for me it sounds a bit too repetitive…  I mean, the sound is very good but without many variations… 

“Where the Silence Reigns” is an instrumental piece and the last of this EP, it’s dynamic and for me is the most melancholic piece in the album. There are no vocals here and I think that this way, the gloomy effect is bigger. I particularly love the guitar solo, and the fact that I feel like cradled by waves all the song through. The use of some orchestration effects helps a lot. The changes in intensity are brilliant, this song really puts me in the right mood!

This EP is a very good taste of Melodic Death Metal, Finnish style of course. I’m curious about As the Sun Falls previous stuff, I think I’ll go and check some of his previous songs now to have a more complete picture of this band. I give this 8/10  Sílvia 


8/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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