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The next Hypnotic Dirge Records will be the new EP from Australian Atmospheric Black Metal band CLARET ASH entitled “Worldtorn: Anemoia“, releasing on Friday August 11.

Atmospheric reigns supreme in Claret Ash’s majestic return. Five years removed from their last full-length, the double-album ‘The Great Adjudication’ Australian Melodic Black Metal band Claret Ash are ready to present a new EP ‘Worldtorn: Anemoia’ – the second installment in its recently launched ‘Worldtorn’ series. Weaving together narratives among common threads of collapse, resiliency, symbiosis, and renewal, Worldtorn – a concept yet in its infancy – seeks to explore various facets of post-apocalyptic existence.

Featuring a mix of both new material and reinterpreted work from their back catalog,’Worldtorn: Anemoia’ delivers atmospheric and menacing black metal equally unforgiving, savage, triumphant, and imaginative. At its core, the new material on the EP is Atmospheric Black Metal but uses a wide array of tools to craft that familiar atmosphere, seamlessly shifting from pummeling death metal sections, soaring melodic leads, ethereal folk sections, and more without ever losing its footing or forward moving direction. Besides the new material, Anemoia also includes a re-recording of the track ‘Ground Dweller’ from its debut album of the same name – faster and more intense, as they now play it live – before concluding with an acoustic version of ‘The Wolves Have Fed Again’ (taken from their second album), and a stunningly beautiful orchestral rendition of the new track ‘Cascadence of the Twilight’.

‘Worldtorn: Anemoia’ will be released on CD/Digital August 11, 2023

Vinyl edition will follow in late 2023

Josh Pearse Guitars
James Cronovras Guitars (2012-2021), Vocals (2012-present), Bass (2021-present)
Stuart Nulty Drums (2015-present)
Adam Oppliger Guitars (2019-present)



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