#Demolizer Post Necrotic Human

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Band: Demolizer
Title: Post Necrotic Human
Labels: Mighty Music
Release date: 07 July 2023
Country: Denmark
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

After reading the promo for this band…

Was I prepared for the excellent Thrash Metal of this band?

This album divided into 10 songs with almost 44 minutes of playing time would infect me, speed up my rhythm, and boil my blood with the excellent and frenetic riffs present as in the old classics of the music style?

Yes. From the first riff to the last riff of it. Very good. Quite honestly, I didn’t even notice the time passing on the first listen of this album, such was the way I was getting addicted to each passing riff.

The second audition started and once again the first riff of the first song grabbed me by the collar and the blood ran faster and hotter. Taking the opportunity to research a little more about the band, see some photos, social networks, info, etc. And… Puff… It’s over, once again I didn’t even notice the time passing… I have to listen again I thought…

Let’s do it, one more time… And one more time clinging to the album from start to finish… One more time, I have to listen…

And once again, the pleasure of listening to an album of such excellence, of such quality flowed in a delightful way that it seemed that it was always the first time I was listening to it. Still, at the same time, I was already saying to myself, which riff came next, which part would the vocalist put the voice on, when would say “go”, and when a break came or when the drums came in with that contagious beat…

It sounded like those excellent albums I listened to in the early 90s’ and even in the early 00s’, were also very good Thrash Metal albums, at least in my opinion.

What Demolizer showed me on this album, it’s nothing new, far from it, it’s nothing different, it’s nothing that would be called innovative, and it’s not a band that copies what was done in the past and everything else that can to imagine.

What this band from Denmark does is play Thrash Metal in a captivating way, with an excellent choice/creation of riffs, with an excellent rhythmic section, with a perfect voice for this musical style, with some tempo passages, despite many being “predictable”, but very well done.

There are 10 very good Thrash Metal tracks, it is an album that is worth buying and quickly, as it was only released on vinyl and limited to 300 copies. “Post Necrotic Human” is for me currently, and from everything I’ve heard so far this year, the best Thrash Metal album released. Definitely…
10/10 The Key Keeper 666

Note: For those who don’t know the band and if you happen to like Exodus, a little bit of Destruction, Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, Violator, Warbringer… Well, this album is for you.



10/10 Immortal Classic
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