#BurialHordes Ruins

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Band: Burial Hordes
Album: Ruins
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Release Date: 09 June 2023
Country: Greece
Format Reviewed: high-quality digital recording

This band since I’ve known it, I think it was with the split “Secta Nova” with the bands Enshadowed / Burial Hordes / Angstridden / Devathorn has always been “catalogued” as being a Black Metal band… Well, in my opinion it always was a death metal band and good death metal to be honest.
Always mixing a classic Death Metal but at the same time not denying a more updated sound.

Often brushing against a Death Metal that can be considered Brutal Death Metal but without an exaggerated technique as you often find in this musical genre such as Dying Fetus, Aborted, Suffocation, Brutal Decay, Disgorge (USA), etc.

The album that I have the pleasure of reviewing is an album that for many will perhaps be a breath of air within Death Metal, showing that it is possible to mix the classic but updated.

The album is divided into eight songs, whether they are faster or a little slower, they did not make me give up on this excellent album and the listening was extensive, I listened to this album many times, and each time the listening was more pleasant, more personal, most appreciated.

Obviously there are songs that are at the top of quality, but there are also others that are not at the top and the quality is not exaggeratedly good, but they are still excellent.

The album starts in a raw and direct way. No mercy with some riffs and fast drums in a way that doesn’t show any “pity” from the listener’s ears. It was the first song, or the sample of what would come throughout the album. Very good.

The following songs, as I said above, are either fast or a little slower, and now I add sometimes even a little melodic, sometimes playing very lightly in a Black Metal, here in the part regarding some riffs in that if the distortion of the guitars were different it would really be a Black Metal, also playing very lightly again, maybe a Death Doom Metal.

But be careful, only slightly, sometimes you can hardly notice it to be honest, or maybe it sounded like that to me…

Each song is unique and never resembling the previous one, but nevertheless fitting very well, one after the other and making the album “Ruins” a strong, cohesive, robust, vigorous, potent, muscular, powerful, massive album.

It’s an album that has to be listened to, almost like an “obligatoriness”. An album that cannot pass by a Metal listener, especially a Death Metal lover.

Finally, this album reminded me a little bit of Centurian, Rebaelliun, Infestdead, Dead Congregation, Immolation, etc. But without being a copy+paste band. They have their sound and they do it very well. Without a doubt for me, this album is… 9/10 The Key Keeper 666


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9/10 Epic Storm
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