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The world keeps spinning and we are already through the first week of June! And of course, since it’s Tuesday you all know what’s coming!

So, let’s see what’s out there…

So, let’s see what’s out there…

AZAGHAL Speaking about their latest album, Azaghal was recently interviewed by The Whispering Darkness – Tales from the Underground, where the artwork painting by Ronarg was also on the discussion menu, as well as their new line up, their recent European tour, and much more! Head over here to read the very interesting interview now!

NON SERVIAM Very recently Non Serviam premiered their new album Death Ataraxia, and of course we are all over them! Some took advantage of the premiere in the beginning of June, but of course it’s still available to listen to right over here, and as a bonus, a new video for the album title track is available over here!

INFINITY On June 1st Immortal Frost Productions premiered the second official music video for the album title track The Untamed Hunger by the Dutch Black Metal band Infinity, and so we urge you to head over here to check out this track, taken from the band´s 7th full-length album, scheduled for a release June 23rd which you can of course order right over here!

HIEROPHANT If you are a drum enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this one! Hierophant has shared a drum cam video for the track Devil Incarnate live at Boston Club – Revanna (IT)! Taken from the band’s latest offering Death Siege, out by Season of Mist Underground Activists last August, you can now watch the drum cam right over here!

METALHIT Now it´s the absolute latest chance to take advantage of the 50% off sale over at Metalhit, as the offer expires tonight! Head over here to check out the selection!

NEUROT RECORDINGS As another week goes by, so is there a brand-new album pick over at Neurot Recordings for their weekly Pay What You Can segment! This week it´s Mass V by Amenra! Head over here to claim your copy now and simply pay what you can!

PUPIL SLICER Blossom is the second album by London matchcore act Pupil Slicer. Out now on Prosthetic Records you can expect to have your brain torn in all directions by sudden tempo shifts and wild rhythms — all delivered with a hearty dose of bile. You can listen to the album in full here and purchase on a variety of formats.

HALLUCINATE Quite appropriately, the debut album of Hallucinate was born out of a bad trip. Given this note, it should be no surprise to the listeners that this death metal has a psychedelic edge to it. From the Bowels of the Earth is released by Caligari Records on the 4th of August. Meanwhile you can check out the preview track here and pre-order on a range of formats.

ASCENDENCY For some Danish death metal with a black metal veneer, check out A Manifest of Imperious Destiny — the forthcoming album by Ascendency, released on Me Saco Un Ojo Records on the 14th of June. There’s a preview track to be listened to here where you can pre-order the album on two vinyl editions or CD.

Having to pay gigantic sums for international postage is a real gear grinder.

While it’s our default setting to link Bandcamp pages in the case of new and pre-releases, we thought it would be helpful to add some online stores that might provide a useful alternative.

So if you see a release you fancy, but it’s being sold in a far off land and you don’t want to fork out on exorbitant shipping, see if any of the links below can remedy the situation.

Dark Essence (Norway) Dark Essence (US)

Deathwish (EU) Deathwish (US)

Direct Merch (Australia)

eOne Heavy (EU) eOne Heavy (UK) eOne Heavy (US)

Ipecac (EU) Ipecac (US)

Metal Odyssey (EU) Metal Odyssey (US)

Napalm Records (Germany)

Prophecy Productions (Germany) Prophecy Productions (US)

Rough Trade (UK) Rough Trade (US)

Season of Mist (EU) Season of Mist (US)

Southern Lord (EU) Southern Lord (US)

Throne Records (World)

Transcending Obscurity (EU) Transcending Obscurity (US)

Well, bands and labels never fail to impress do they? We hope you are all holding those horns high in the summer sun now that it is finally time!

By Julia Katrin and Tom Boatman

**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre.**

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