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MENTAL CRUELTY – New Single “Nordlys” premieres today! Zwielicht will be released June 23rd via Century Media.

Zwielicht, the latest full-length album from MENTAL CRUELTY, will be made available via Century Media Records on June 23. “Nordlys” their newest offering describes the tale of the Nordic afterlife, where ancient deities and restless spirits reign with almighty wrath. Follow the journey of souls rising up to heaven, but beware the phantoms of the afterlife and the omen of bane, you may listen the awesome music video (produced by Aurora Motion Pictures)

MENTAL CRUELTY comments on the new single: “MENTAL CRUELTY comments on the new single: “The song “Nordlys” is about ancient sagas of the northern lights, interpreted differently by Vikings and Norwegian tribes. These tales interpreted the lights in the sky in different ways. We should approach new situations positively, remembering fear often lies in our heads. Musically, it’s not a typical MENTAL CRUELTY song, with an acoustic guitar intro and orchestration setting the mood. The song ends with a guitar riff that will make you want to headbang.”

They add on the album release: “Let us embrace a new era of darkness by bringing the “black” into blackened heavy music. Join us on the way down to infernal gates of hell to be rebirthed back to life. The album will contain the most mind-bending variety of different heavy musical influences and sounds. Epic symphonic orchestras accompanied by slam breakdowns; this will have it all. Inspired from metaphors written by nature, death, and inner demons.  

We can´t put into words the level of excitement we feel by announcing this album to you. We hope you feel the same way! Thank you for being with us and stay tuned for upcoming news!”


Zwielicht Tracklist:

  1. Midtvinter
  2. Obsessis a Daemonio
  3. Forgotten Kings
  4. Pest
  5. Nordlys
  6. Mortal Shells
  7. Zwielicht
  8. Symphony of a Dying Star
  9. The Arrogance of Agony
  10. A Tale of Salt and Light

The album will be available in the following versions:

  • Ltd. CD 6-Panel Digipak
  • Ltd. Gatefold Black 1LP Vinyl
  • Ltd. Gatefold White 1LP Vinyl – Limited to only 500 copies worldwide
  • Ltd. Gatefold Bright Gold 1LP Vinyl – Limited to only 300 copies worldwide (Band Edition)
  • Digital Album

Across four releases, beginning with 2016’s Pereat Mundus EP, MENTAL CRUELTY has woven together a violent tapestry of black metal, death metal, deathcore, and a madness of their very own. With 2021’s landmark LP, A Hill To Die Upon (Unique Leader), the German quintet not only set a new standard for themselves, but also the genre as a whole.
Rising from the ashes of personal and professional chaos, MENTAL CRUELTY spent the first half of 2021 seeking out a voice to continue to cement them an as uncompromising force in the German metal scene. After locking in Lukas, the band (rounded out by guitarists Nahuel Lozano and Marvin Kessler, bassist Viktor Dick and drummer Danny Straßer) reemerged bloodied but unbowed, ready to continue on their path to becoming an international force.
Armed with new vocalist Lukas Nicolai, MENTAL CRUELTY usher in a new epoch of unlight and grim determination that’s at the heart of their upcoming album, Zwielicht (translated in English as “Twilight”). Once again working with producer and mixer Josh Schroeder (LORNA SHORE, OV SULFUR, SIGNS OF THE SWARM, THE BROWNING), they’ve pushed their sound to new blacker intensities forged in emotional riffing, heavy “back to the roots” breakdowns, and epic orchestral arrangements that surpass the already elite standards that have become synonymous with their name.
Zwielicht is coming. MENTAL CRUELTY’s reign of darkness is just getting started.

Remember to catch MENTAL CRUELTY on their first shows this year:

25.-29.07.23 Tolminator Metal Fest

w/ Heaven Shall Burn, Any Given Day and The Acacia Strain:

04.08.23 Köln – Live Music Hall
19.08.23 Karlsruhe – Substage

Mental Cruelty line-up:
Lukas Nicolai – Vocals
Nahuel Lozano – Guitars
Marvin Kessler – Guitars
Viktor Dick – Bass
Danny Straßer – Drums

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