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Hello there,

Another week is gone and this month of May is almost at the end… Damn… Is just me that is feeling the months are passing so damn fast? Oh my… Many things are happening so fast all over the world and we see the news, see things, listen to things (check it first if true or not, don’t make judges), feel things, etc etc etc etc etc… I tried to listen to my beloved METAL the much I could. Some days were better, others not so really, but I managed, the best I could.

So, check my recos…

Band: Alastor
Title: Gates of Darkness
Label: Haloran Records
Release date: 08 May 2023
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

This band, in my opinion, even in their own country there are many people who don’t know its existence of it and the band started in 1998, plus there are some well-known names of the Portuguese underground on it. The main problem in my opinion is that is VERY rare to see them live. I already had that pleasure at the private release party Demon Attack album… In 2011… And if the majority don’t know, this album Gates of Darkness was already a bonus in the Demon Attack album. Not the 12 songs, but the majority was there. Gates of Darkness and recorded in 1996 and it should be the first album from Alastor but only happened now in 2023 and is now the eighteen album of the band. Here you can only expect one thing… Very good old fashion Black Thrash Metal. FFO, Urn, Decayed, Bulldozer, Nethermancy, Cruel Force…

Band: Intöxicated
Title: Sadistic Nightmares
Label: MDD Records
Release date: 05 May 2023
Country: Germany
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

This album started with a drum intro that is very similar to the Judas Priest Painkiller song. Yep. True. Anyway… It was just that similarity… The band moves inside the Thrash Metal, some Heavy Metal, and some Speed Metal, feeling and riffs here and there. And they can’t deny too the Motörhead influences. The songs are very very contagious and catchy and the all album is a very good one. I really did like it. FFO Speedwolf, Septer, Midnight, Motörhead…

Band: Terrifier
Title: Trample the Weak, Devour the Dead
Label: Empire Records
Release date: 23 May 2023
Country: Canada
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Oh yeahhhh. One fine damn awesome amazing Thrash fckg Metal album. Why Thrash Metal didn’t stay this way and unfortunately suffered several changes and influences? Of course that are some styles, The European style, the American style, touches that you know from where they are, and with that, I’m ok. Anyway… No more talk about it… The band and this album? They are amazing and the riffs, the speed, the contagious and ferocious songs that are coming from my stereo are so damn good. Go and check out this band and feel and listen to how Thrash Metal really is. Horns Up. FFO Exodus, destruction, Holycide, Tankard, Destruction, Hazzerd…

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