#Nethermancy Worship Evil Sacrifice

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Band: Nethermancy
Title: Worship Evil Sacrifice
Label: Helldprod Records
Release date:  21 April 2023
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Nethermancy is a band from Portugal, and these guys are drinking from the wells of classic Black Metal, as you can notice as soon as this album starts playing. It’s not that this is an ultra raw BM release, but it’s the way in which the alluring riffs are played, and the darkness that emanates from the thick atmosphere they manage to create. 

Riffs are repetitive and easily stuck in your head, and they flow along with a fantastic use of keys, they sound really atmospheric, even highly melancholic. There’s not an overdose of notes played or intricate melodies. On the contrary; some few long notes here and there, with the sound of an organ, makes the trick. When I listen to “Tyrants/Usurpers of Light” is so damn good, spooky, with that kind of darkness that mercilessly haunts and kills all light around you. And I’d add, those screams are killing me!

Yes, vocals are wicked enough to make you shiver, obscurity is spread to all your senses. You could say that this voice is coming from a foggy graveyard, floating among the graves, as if a dead was trying to catch your attention and get you there forever. 

Some tracks are faster than others, “Nuclear Christ Armageddon” is a damn blast, drums running with plenty of blast beats, infectious riffs and inhuman vocals since the beginning; when I listened to those bestial screams for the first time, my blood froze… that’s a pretty accurate way of describing my reaction. 

And, what about the opening for “Satanic Black Mass”? If you don’t feel totally blown away by that organ, the bell chiming, and that ultra low bass, introducing the guitar with a simple but wicked melody and, finally, the hellish scream…  leading you to the moment when everything explodes and hits you  fiercely in the face… and at the same time, brainwashing you from any good emotion, ‘cause all you can feel from now on is a freezing emptiness. 

If you are ready to be seduced by dark and gloomy atmospheres, this album is for you. Hellish sound, diabolical vibes, only darkness around, as if you dared to look into an infernal abyss… This is Lusitanian Black Metal at its finest. 9/10  Sílvia



9/10 Epic Storm
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