#Grafhond In harmonie met de dood

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Band: Grafhond
Title: In harmonie met de dood
Label: Void Wandered Productions, War Productions
Release date: 30 March 2023
Country: The Netherlands
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

It’s always nice from time to time to get an album review done, even if it’s not as frequent for me personally as it used to be. This time, however, a special request rolled around, so I took the opportunity to hear something new.

Very recently the Dutch duo Grafhond released the debut mini-album “In Harmonie Met De Dood”. The album saw the light of the day on March 30th, and as far as we have heard has been quite successful so far.

The first track “De Zuivering” spews out feral, ferocious, frantic black metal in a modern sound, which is not so much like the Scandinavian counterparts. With both extremely fast as well as slow parts the vocals are still what sticks out quite a bit. It takes a lot of effort to scream from the top of your lungs without going full on mute within seconds. “Verwekker” includes more simple and functional riffing, interesting drumming and overall, quite the tight performance.

Gefluister” shows the iceberg of a singer in a different light than before, as he starts to scream at a lower pitch. This track has more meat to it as it feels blackened with a more theatrical side to it. Even more nicely worked out riff structure is presented with “Gat”, but it is clear by now that all of the tracks are not just fast paced, but also equally paced. Like a roller coaster that doesn’t slow down, even at the corners.

The pace does however get kicked up a notch with “Verslagen” with a marching feel to the main riff, almost like a war machine plowing everything in its path. The flowing harmony and melody is extremely enjoyable, full of fury and angst. The closing track “Voor Gal gen Rad” turns more traditional old school, filled with fast drumming and palm mute. This track wasn’t made with the intent to save up on the gun powder, as all guns are blazing on this one.

In Harmonie Met De Dood” is quite the ride for fans of fast paced, more modern blackened metal. Obviously inspiration comes from all around them as a good foundation lays beneath them. It´s a well-produced effort, with a clear – almost dry – sound where all the components are well represented. The guitarwork is tight and gives the listener more than just fast riffing; the melodies and sense of emotion along with the atmosphere baked in with the rapid speed are ever present. The vocals still stick out, as they might not melt hearts easily, but for what it is it´s well performed and well written. 7.5/10 Julia Katrin


Label – Void Wanderer Productions
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Label – War Productions
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7.5/10: Victory is Possible!
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