#MassCrysis Imposing Truck

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Band: Mass Crysis
Title: Imposing Truck
Label: The Goatmancer Records
Release Date: 10 March 2023
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: Digital download

When I received the promo it piqued my curiosity and I was even a little excited to listen to it, and I was in need of listening to a good Thrash Metal.

But… I listened to Thrash Metal, I’m honest, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting…

Something was missing. It lacked those frenetic, catchy, explosive, rhythmic riffs that I’ve heard so often in the past in many bands.

Here I heard Thrash metal with more groove and balance. Many times it even sounded like a Thrash Metal band mixing Hardcore and Heavy Metal. The mix is not bad, but…

It often sounded like Megadeth with some NYHC style and some dated Heavy Metal, all in the same bag, rattling and opening bag, and… Voilá… Here’s our music.

I listened to the album several times, I did, looking for high moments in it, but no, I couldn’t find it. I found moments that sounded good, moments of some quality, but that was it, unfortunately.

I don’t criticize or opine about bands having the sound they have or what style they want to play and there will always be bands that will never captivate or please me, or other bands even if I don’t like the style, but being curious I’ll listen to them and I can evaluate and give my opinion (always sincere) if what they do is good or not.

Then there are the bands that I like, adore, etc and I listen to them with great enthusiasm, and I can also tell if the release is good or not, that’s my opinion.

However, in this case, the band doesn’t really say anything to me, despite the fact that, as I’ve already mentioned, there are moments that have some quality.

It’s not easy to make music and we have to value those who try, those who do, the time that musicians dedicate to going to a rehearsal room, the money that is spent (and what is spent is not a handful, believe me, it’s not), giving up many things in the name of love and/or pleasure but you’ll never be able to please everyone, that’s true, but we have to give it a chance.

I gave it, unfortunately, I didn’t like it but I will not point the finger and I will not say anything bad and I will not make fun of it.
I hope the band continues their hard work, that they don’t give up, and when they have a new release I can listen to it again so I can speak again and give my sincere personal opinion on what I heard. But unfortunately, my rating for this release is this…

5/10 The Key Keeper 666



5/10 Floating in the sea of mediocrity
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