#Panssarituho 🇫🇮 Sanansaattaja

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Band: Panssarituho
Title: Sanansaattaja
Label: Independent
Release date: 06 January 2023
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

Panssarituho is a Death Metal band from Finland formed in 2019. Having released their debut album in June 2021 this is their second full-length, and the most distinctive thing in their sound I’d dare to say it’s aggression. They play with an uncompromised attitude, and as they state in their Bandcamp site: “Not political, no ideology. Just fucking aggressive metal”. And as I can’t understand the lyrics, I swear at least the second part it’s true.

I always have great expectations when it comes to Finnish bands. Well, with Nordic bands in general. It’s my weakness. And I’m happy every time I check a band and it sounds overwhelming, taking my breath away. Like Panssarituho has done to me with “Sanansaattaja”, the album I’m reviewing today. This trio (Extermus at guitars & vocals, Macellarius at drums and Invicto at bass) plays as if tomorrow wasn’t assured, I mean it’s all or nothing when they grab their instruments and put all their effort in sounding brrrrutal and they achieve it! You just have pure sonic devastation through your ears since you start listening to this album.

You can listen to the constant bass pedal of drums, right? And meanwhile, he’s smashing the snare, playing fast blast beats or grinding the cymbals, all this almost at the same time… FFS, Macellarius is like a machine, I wonder what he eats… Listening to this man beating his kit at such a high speed makes my head spin, my brain is melting! Of course, his bandmate Extermus is not going to be less and he’s setting his guitar on fire both with those infectious riffs and the solos (the ones in “Mädäntynyt Torso” and in “Ihmiskunnan tuho” really stand out). From the album title song until “Teloitus”, the closing theme, heavy riffs are their trademark.

But there’s still more. Extermus is also performing those rotten vocals, yes, that’s the way his voice sounds to me: when at the beginning of “Syvälle Haudattu” he screams like a living dead, my heart shrinks a bit. Well, he’s doing that all over the 10 songs, tormenting the listener with his putrid chants. Invicto puts his bass at the service of a dark, deep low sound, and that’s exactly what you get. Sometimes the bass and the guitar form a perfect duet, other times you can’t help being mesmerized with those resonating low notes.

I’m sure you can notice some trademark aspects of Finnish Death Metal in this album, these guys don’t invent anything but it’s not necessary that each band is creating a new subgenre. The only important thing is to be good at what they do, and Panssarituho really know how to do their work. I give this album 9/10 Sílvia


9/10 Epic Storm
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