#DeathReich 🇸🇪 The Final Plague

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Band: Death Reich
Title: The Final Plague
Label: Non Serviam Records
Release date:  2 December 2022
Country: Sweden
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Death Reich is a band from Sweden that are quite new in the Metal scene, being “The Final Plague” their second EP released since last year they unleashed their debut “Death Camp”. But these guys are not newcomers, all of them are/have been in other bands like Grief of Emerald, Runemagick, Sacramentum, Trident, Decameron… to name a few. So, believe me when I say you’ll notice right from the start that they are really experienced at their work.

‘Cause Death Reich plays Death Metal and they do that in a highly fierce, aggressive and destroying-it-all way. Wow there’s an overwhelming sense of being in a high speed race all the time, right from the start you can notice how fast these guys are! “The Final Plague” is frantic, guitars play infectious riffs and there’s a short solo at the end, while drums are steaming, being beaten mercilessly. Vocals are deep and cavernous, there’s a beast behind the mic, a true growling animal and it fits the music perfectly.

And, of course, “The Creator” goes with the same (or even more) level of aggression. This one and the following, “Disgrace” (with a total relentless and explosive drums intro) are the shortests tracks in the album, and the solo in “The Creator” is nothing but crazy! The only track that goes ‘a bit smooth’ is “The Night Will Fall”: speed has slowed down for a while, just to regain the energy they needed for the last one, a cover of  “Eyemaster” by Entombed.

I must say I wasn’t expecting such a high level of energy in a 15 minutes EP, but damn!, Death Reich did it! I’ll keep my ears peeled for what they can do in the future. I give this EP 8,5/10   Sílvia 



8,5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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