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FFO: Onslaught, Pantera, Slayer, Kreator

The album reverberates unapologetic thrash metal guitar riffing courtesy of guitarists Jimi Masterbo and Markus Grundstrom paired with the intense drumming of newly inducted drummer Jonathan Fundin . The album also features a colaboration with CJ Scioscia from New York City area thrash legends Blood Feast , who shreds a solo on track 5 ‘ A Blood Red Sky ‘

Tim commented in a press release “The lyrics for the album have a darkened tone of irony about our contemporary societal woes and some deeply personal songs as well, of life and all its miseries. The music on the album sounds brutal, we really got a sick mix of old school thrash and heavy pit provoking groove riffs.”

The music video depicts today’s society, social media junkies hopped up Facebook likes. The idea for the song came from a day Tim was going through his friends list, deleting people that had no reason to be there. ” I was culling them, deleting someone from your page is worse than death for some people. I think we are all going fuckin’ crazy. Its a virus and we’re all infected”

Kill It With Fire
Accuser (of the brethren)
Declare Chaos
Shock and Awe
A Blood Red Sky (feat. CJ Scioscia of Blood Feast)
Down in the Gutter
Thin the Herd


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