#Irae 🇵🇹 Assim na Terra como no Inferno

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Band: Irae
Title: Assim na Terra como no Inferno
Label: Signal Rex
Release date:  23 December 2022
Country: Portugal
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording 

Irae is a Portuguese one-man Black Metal band that has been releasing stuff every year since 2003: demos, split albums, compilations, EPs and of course some full-length albums. More concretely, “Assim na Terra como no Inferno” is their fifth one, and the man behind Irae is Vulturius, a very active musician who plays in other bands like Morte Incandescente, Decayed, A Forest of Dreams, Kommando Baphomet and still a few more. Wow, that’s a lot of work for only one person. I always admire these musicians, who are capable of doing everything in their own projects showing plenty of skills. 

Well, I didn’t know Irae before but I must say that I’ve been trapped in this album for days because of its raw sound. I really like Black Metal sounding unpolished, primitive, and Vulturius really nails it here. First track is named “V Caminhv Primitiv” and after less than two minutes of acoustic intro (the sound of rain, a guitar playing a smooth melody) then the real stuff comes. Oh that overwhelming sound of the bass drum, and the crushing hi-hats and cymbals… that’s a great initial attack! And when I hear the rotten and blasphemous voice of Vulturius screaming in his mother tongue, damn, everything goes really intense, mixed with the neverending buzzing of guitars… 

This album consists of 7 tracks going in the direction I depicted above and it shows how solid is the Black Metal scene in Portugal. It has something really distinctive (apart from the sonority of its language, of course, that I find very fitting for this genre). A special wildness, cold riffs and a raw sound that I think it’s the essence in Black Metal genre. 

In “Relíqvia de Espinhvz” things go to another level of craziness thanks to the initial messy seconds and to some damn crazy screams and howls, and madness goes on with those riffs infesting your brain and savage drums smashing mercilessly everything on its way. No mercy, no compassion… as it should be. 

I love the frenzy that’s present in this album, the crazy moments either in the form of insane screams or when drums enter the scene with those cymbals being constantly smashed, or when icy tuned guitars fills the air with humming riffs, like in “Majestade de Sangue”, those seven and a half minutes get me bewitched. And the closing “Enforcamento” is the best way to end this album, with all those frosty and monotone riffs taking control and leading you to total coldness… 

And, one more thing I must say: as I mentioned initially, Irae has a lot of music released through its 20 years of existence, so at least for me it will be great exploring more releases from this prolific musician that is Vulturius. I know it’s impossible to be up to date starting today, but I’m thirsty for more raw Black Metal. I give this album 8.5/10  Sílvia


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8.5/10 To Greatness and Glory!
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