Krushhammer 🇧🇷 Blood, Violence & Blasphemy

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Band: Krushhammer
Title: Blood, Violence & Blasphemy
Label: Helldprod Records
Release date: 28 November 2022
Country: Brazil
Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

The name of the band, yeah… did these guys know when choosing it that it would fit them so perfectly? ‘Cause their sound is really like a hammer crushing your skull while you are listening to it. “Blood, Violence & Blasphemy” is a full-length album consisting of 10 short tracks (some of them are less than 3 minutes, others around 3) and with less than half an hour length. But it’s so damn intense that you’ll probably feel the need to play it again once it’s over.

Krushhammer plays a mixture between Thrash, Speed, Death and Black Metal, so you know what to expect, right? This album has fast pace, an insane amount of thrashy riffs, blackened sound and the constant pounding of drums playing Death Metal style. It’s primitive, with a not-so-clean production, so you have that “old school feel”.

Riffs and more riffs, FFS, guitars are on fire! And they are of that infectious kind, catchy and using some distortion, slowly chewing your brain and not allowing you to fall into boredom. I’m sure you know that sensation. “Morbid Future” is a great introduction track, fast, violent, relentless, and you realize that the vocalist is already giving it all with his raspy and blackened blasphemous screams. And the bass is constantly providing that underlying bed of low notes where the guitar riffs are perfectly wrapped.

The Witcher” is a good example of all what I’ve said above: even if it starts with a dark and “soft” tremolo riff (I said “soft” just because drums are still not on fire), once the percussion sets the fast pace you are entering the realms of pure mayhem. Vocalist helps with that; his voice is dark like coal, and he shows he can also reach high notes, hey nice scream! This is a fast track, short and with a hellish rhythm. And just after this one comes “In the Night”, another killer fast attack, pure aggression. The short tracks run fast, and in a blink of an eye we are listening to “Satanic Fire”, a great closing theme. It doesn’t loosen up a bit of the overwhelming sound and you are left wanting more.

I couldn’t stop headbanging from start to finish due to the wild ride that “Blood, Violence & Blasphemy” is, carried away by the infernal riffs and the bestial vocals and the savage drums. Yes, I’ve enjoyed a lot listening to this album on repeat. And yes, you’ll enjoy it too, and even more if you are a fan of this mixture of genres. I give it 9/10 Sílvia



9/10 Epic Storm
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