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HELLDPROD RECORDS in collaboration with Headsplit Records is proud to present the reissue of GROG‘s debut cult classick Macabre Requiems in CD and cassette format.

Occasionally we grab some oldies by the balls and bring them to you just to let you know how relevant they still are. One of those bands, that made it through the underground escapades without much of a fuzz, are the Portuguese GROG, one of the pioneering combos that put Portuguese Extreme Metal on the global map. Hailing back from the periphery of Lisbon, since 1991, they still are a recommendable force between their extreme music pears in the current metal scene and for all they deserve to be a lot more recognized. Especially because, in their rankings, they have a monster of a debut album named “Macabre Requiems”, originally released in 1996.

Like it was said before, “Macabre Requiems” was GROG’s first record, after some demos and a live 7’’ Ep, that brought the band’s name to a new sonic horror level with its buzz saw guitar pickings, crunchy bass lines, gory chorus, and splatter growling deeds, and, as well, with its putrid but organic drumming all over the final frenzying production. Though GROG’s sickening approach, there’s a simple but appealing structure that make these songs a timeless banger. “Macabre Requiems” is undoubtedly a damn fine gem of death metal mixed with blast beats that hit you like bloody flesh chunks. 
Seriously, they matched some of the best bands back in the 90’s such as AutopsyBroken HopeBrutal TruthBaphometCannibal CorpseDevourmentImpetigo and Suffocation. Yes, by these references, you are probably wondering; Why haven’t we heard more of this one before? Maybe the timing or the needed luck wasn’t the right one, but better late than never, right? 

Now, this is your chance to catch up with this colossal work since we also think that this is a criminally underrated release, and for your delight, Helldprod Records and Headsplit Records joined for a co-re-release venture. Expect “Macabre Requiems” to be repressed in CD and Tape (this one for the first time) formats to remember all of you that death metal is still alive, rotten and forever zombified. Again, if you are searching for a filthy, dimmed, and creepy atmosphere, any death metal fan who loves ghastly death metal will find that ‘Macabre Requiems’ is what they’ve been looking for. 

Those who pass the timeless gate forever belong to the present, we say; You will not find fashionable old school tributes here, this is the real deal. 
So, get ready to rot inside your corpses’ s shell whilst playing these effigies!
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Release date: November 11, 2022
Cat Nº #: HDP058
Cassette LTD 150 copies
CD LTD 500 copies
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Helldprod Records

Ordering info can be found HERE. For Pre-orders, contact order@helldprod.com




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