#DigirGidim 🇮🇹 The Celestial Macrocosmic Scale and the Shimmering Path of the Supreme Regulator

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Band: Digir Gidim
Title: The Celestial Macrocosmic Scale and the Shimmering Path of the Supreme Regulator
Label: Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum
Release Date: 18 November 2022
Country: Italy
Format Reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording

This second album of theirs comes 5 years after “I Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting my Awakening” which was released in 2017. This album is four tracks of many changes of mood, tempo and energy. Both members, being Utanapistim Ziusudra, the individual behind all of the instruments and song writing, a long with Lalartu as vocals, bring more of their eclectic and individual imagination behind each track, making this album very memorable and engaging.

First track, titled “I”, brings a searing, building of layers with an iciness in delivery, meeting a faltering, melodic backdrop. Drums are on point, with a growled vocal to add depth to the already interchanging mood of this song. Heavy, hard-hitting riffs and drums that keep that icy heartbeat alive. Intense scream-growled vocals pick up towards the end of the track and those guitars throwback the same intensity.

Second track titled “II”, is a gentle deluge of atmospheres, until almost immediately the vocals and instruments are turned on “high”, with the same level of attention to the absolute slamming riffing and drums as the first track. Vocal journey on this track, with a segment of clean singing, with again that same discordant, yet melodic tone to the atmosphere. A wall of music is created in this track, which was similar to the first track.

Third track, titled “III”, this one is very much driven by a fierce energy, furious, cold and a sense of laying everything out on the mat so to speak. All of the vocals are passionate forces of anger and hate (that’s what I hear) guitars are without pause and those drums are being beaten to pulps, all of the energies intermix with the thread of discordant melancholy present here.

Last track, “IV” immediately growling vocals coming out at you, churning tremolos, gives me a sense of a tornado, the innards of a tornado. Savage twists, destruction and power. Such brutal, melodic passages delivered in this last track, very engaging and done to create an earworm for the listener. A final blast of guttural vocal to finish this off is the conclusion.

For four tracks, each track hits hard, with focused guitar and drums, discordant, melodic pieces all seeming jarring and incoherent in some ways, but it works. Yes, it does. The extreme differences act like opposites in this, that byplay of sound keeps bringing you back to what might come next. I was engaged by this album; my interest didn’t wane.

I’d say critique wise, the duration of the tracks were more expanded than maybe they should have been. Favorite track was “IV” and in that one, I was enjoying the expanse of sound. To me that one needed the lengthier delivery to fully appreciate what was created there.

I give 7/10 Metal Marie



7/10 Victory is possible
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